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Business Card Creator for Word

Business Card Creator for Word

Business Card Creator for Word Download

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Description of Business Card Creator for Word:

Business Card Creator for Word Download
NEW! Business Card Creator version 3.0 for Word for Windows and Macintosh is a complete do-it-yourself package. Easily create beautiful, full-color, professional business cards in just minutes. Create a design that suits you and your business, the way you want when you want it and when you need them! It's easy to create as many or as few as you need! Easily add customized logos, graphics, scanned pictures and so much more to your business cards! Even print double-sided cards to increase the amount information available. Great for any business and so easy to use -- anyone can use it! Save yourself the hassle of paying expensive setup costs at your local printer -- do it in house and better -- and save hundreds!

Imagine how much time *YOU* will save with a tool like this -- it's perfect for any business or profession -- from the local store to the local doctor's office -- this is the tool YOU need. Create beautiful full color cards with your own logo -- and even double sided cards -- great for that extra message, useful information, or even appointment reminders. And whenever you need to create more cards, they're available immediately because you can save your designs and reprint them whenever you need! AMF Business Card Creator for Word is the perfect tool for the busy professional, or savvy business user. Try it today!

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