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Time Value of Money

Finance and Loan Amortization Calculator

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Description of Time Value of Money:

Time Value of Money is a finance and loan amortization calculator.

Time Value of Money calculations include:

- Lump-Sum Investments
- Periodic Investments
- Periodic Withdrawals (Annuities)
- Amortization table generation

In addition, there are nine other financial functions:

- Effective Annual Rate
- Future Value of Uneven Cash Flow
- Probability Distribution
- Standard Deviation
- Capital Asset Pricing Model - CAPM
- Bond Valuation
- Stock Valuation
- Cost of Capital - Tutorial
- Capital Budgeting - Tutorial

Generate, print, and save reports for each financial function.

Use the extensive "help" system for descriptions and examples of each financial function.

Time Value of Money also includes a monthly calendar, shortcut to the Windows calculator and FREE Financial Dictionary!

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