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Child Support Forms

Child Support Forms

Child Support Forms Download

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Description of Child Support Forms:

Autoforms addresses the needs of people in California who have decided to eliminate attorney fees and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by preparing their own legal documents on their computers for their simple, uncontested legal matters.

Copying and then completing legal forms on a typewriter is tedious and merciless work. A mistake could cost a person the time and effort of doing the same file over; worst yet, being denied the right to file their case.

With the use of Autoforms, completing legal forms on a computer is effortless. The forms in Autoforms come from within the program. All the fillable areas on the forms are highlighted and you simply tab, type, and then print. Correcting errors is simple. You will be able to print as many copies of the completed forms as you require. No need to go to the local courthouse to pick up legal forms. Autoforms makes legal forms easier and affordable!

Forms included in this package:

Summons and Complaint or Supplemental Complaint Regarding Parental Obligations (Governmental)
Answer to Complaint or Supplemental Complaint Regarding Parental Obligations (Governmental)
Information Sheet for Service of Process
Stipulation for Judgment or Supplemental Judgment Regarding Parental Obligations and Judgment (Governmental)
Declaration for Amended Proposed Judgment (Governmental)
Request to Enter Default Judgment (Governmental)
Stipulation and Order (Governmental)
Order for Genetic (Parentage) Testing
Judgment Regarding Parental Obligations (Governmental)
Notice Regarding Payment of Support (Governmental)
Notice of Entry of Judgment and Proof of Service by Mail (Governmental)
Notice and Motion to Cancel (Set Aside) Support Order Based on Presumed Income and Proposed Answer (Governmental)
Notice to Local Child Support Agency of Intent to Take Independent Action to Enforce Support Order (Governmental)
Response of Local Child Su14.95

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