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ContactDB (5-User Edition)

Multi-purpose Contact & Mailing List Manager

ContactDB (5-User Edition) Download

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Description of ContactDB (5-User Edition):

ContactDB is a true 32-bit Windows-based Mailing List and Contact Manager with support for:

? Tracking information about Name, Address, Telephone number, Pager, Fax, Email and much more.
? Unlimited number of Contacts.
? User-extendible Contact categories
? Track Contact activity on a day-to-day basis.
? The ability to share data with other applications via flexible Import/Export.
? Detailed commenting of Contacts and daily activity.
? Linking to email software like Outlook.
? Five different types of reports (including 3-Across Labels and Rolodex Cards).
? Full context-sensitive help and on-line documentation.
? Multi-user capable (requires a license upgrade)

ContactDB can be used for many things including:

? General-purpose Contact and Mailing-List management.
? Customer call tracking.
? Customer Relationship Management.
? Sales prospecting and business development.
? Employee directory listing.

5-User version. Requires Windows 95/98 or Windows NT.

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