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Quick Notes Plus

Productivity tool to create sticky notes on Windows desktop and memoboards.

Quick Notes Plus Download

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Description of Quick Notes Plus:

Quick Notes Plus Download
Quick Notes Plus is a Sticky Notes utility designed to boost your productivity. It keeps you organized and up-to-date. Create Sticky Notes on Windows Desktop or arrange them in Memoboards. Notes are now Resizable. More content can be inserted in a Note. Send Notes to customizable Memoboards. Memoboards keep your desktop tidy (very important) Set Repeat Alarm to each Note. It keeps you up-to-date and never forgetful. New Quick Text feature allows you to instantly insert common text snippets into the Note. Hide, Iconify, Import, Export, Print Notes, Keep them "Always On Top". Set Default Note Title, Note Text, Note Size, Color, Font and Styles. Set Note Title and Note text to Current Date/Time or any custom title. Drag and Drop text to a Note and even between Notes. And many more features to thrill you!

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