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Subject Search Pad 1.1 (Kryloff Technologies) Price: $29.95
Subject Search Pad (SSPad) is bundle of a text editor and a file classification utility, which allow you to edit, search in and categorize files being stored in multiple data storage formats.
Subject Search Pad Download Buy Full Version

eGems Collector Pro (ALogic) Price: $79.95
eGems Collector Pro is a tool that allows to select, store, classify and to restore any critical information. It can be use on any kind of information like web site, Intranet, Word, Excel, pictures.
eGems Collector Pro Download Buy Full Version

Contact Keeper (Koingo Software) Price: $15.95
Contact Keeper is an advanced address book with many unique features. Unlike a conventional address book, you're able to store an infinite number of phone numbers and addresses.
Contact Keeper Download Buy Full Version

Task Plus 3.8.0 (Contact Plus Corporation) Price: $19.99
Task Plus is the best task and calendar management program designed for simplicity and speed.
Task Plus Download Buy Full Version

Task Plus 3.8.0 (Contact Plus Corporation) Price: $29.99
The task and calendar management program designed for simplicity and speed, keeping track of tasks on the calendar as well as holidays and events such as birthdays. This includes both a DOWNLOAD and CD.
Task Plus Download Buy Full Version

Dekart SIM Manager 1.08 (Dekart SRL) Price: $9
With SIM Manager, you can easily create, edit, and backup phonebook entries using your PC and stop typing in information using the mobile phone's keypad.
Dekart SIM Manager Download Buy Full Version

WorkWeek (BlackBoard Software, Inc. dba LingleTech) Price: $9.99
Keeps track of your work schedule and hours. Holds name, date, starting time, ending time, hours, and note. There's another screen where you can list the schedule by date and filter by name.
WorkWeek Download Buy Full Version

Barca 1.0 (Poco Systems Inc) Price: $59.95
Barca is a seamless integration of a powerful email program, personal information manager and planner. Aimed at the professional and small business market, Barca provides a single interface to manage all your information in a safe environment.
Barca Download Buy Full Version

DeltaGIS Map Edition 4.0.6 (Computersimulation Dr. E. Regener) Price: $418
Graphical Field Management of GPS Measurements, Import of ESRI-Shape and GPS files, EU conform Field Protocol as PDF, True-of-scale Print in free selectable scale; All Fields in a single farmmap; Edits Fields, Individual coloring...
DeltaGIS Map Edition Download Buy Full Version

MOBILedit (Compelson Laboratories) Price: $59
MOBILedit is a revolutionary modular solution which allows you to control your mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared or cable. No matter if you have a Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola or any other.
MOBILedit Download Buy Full Version

Synconizer 1.4 (Synco Ltd) Price: $39.95
An innovative organizer package which enables Windows users to synchronize and share their data over the Internet and any local network. Synconizer features sophisticated, and yet easy to manage Tasks, Notes, and Contacts modules.
Synconizer Download Buy Full Version

Miraplacid Form Professional 2.3 (Miraplacid) Price: $79.95
Miraplacid Form is for filling out and printing scanned forms or forms in read-only documents. Package includes Miraplacid Form Designer and Miraplacid Form Viewer.
Miraplacid Form Professional Download Buy Full Version

m9P Phonebook2 2.1 (mental9Production) Price: $19.89
m9P Phonebook2, the 2nd version of m9P Phonebook, has been rewritten from scratch to provide professional phonebook database management.
m9P Phonebook2 Download Buy Full Version

NavTools Organizer (Andromeda Productions) Price: $75
Complete administrative system for use on merchant navy vessels. Allows tasks, documents, adresses, and other information to be allocated for an unlimited number of ports. Long time schedules can be entered and calculated.
NavTools Organizer Download Buy Full Version

Chrysanth NETime Diary 1.1 (Chrysanth Software Sdn Bhd) Price: $39.95
You will receive information electronically immediately after...
Chrysanth NETime Diary Download Buy Full Version

Loose Thoughts ( Price: $16.95
You will be able to download the product immediately after...
Loose Thoughts Download Buy Full Version

Agendus Standard Edition for Palm OS (pda-softwares Pty Ltd) Price: $29.95
The personal information manager you wish had come with your PDA. Imagine if your contacts, calendar, and To Do list were completely integrated so you could link contacts to meetings, calls, and tasks, even generating a complete contact history.
Agendus Standard Edition for Palm OS Download Buy Full Version

Agendus Professional Edition for Palm OS (pda-softwares Pty Ltd) Price: $39.95
Unlock the full power of your Palm device by not only integrating your contacts, calendar, and to do list, but also email and SMS functionality. Think about it, you can link contacts to meetings, calls, and tasks.
Agendus Professional Edition for Palm OS Download Buy Full Version

SplashPhoto for Palm OS (pda-softwares Pty Ltd) Price: $29.95
SplashPhoto turns your Palm OS handheld into a mobile digital picture frame. Simply edit and organize your favorite images with the included desktop software then sync with your handheld to view images on the go.
SplashPhoto for Palm OS Download Buy Full Version

SplashShopper for Palm OS (pda-softwares Pty Ltd) Price: $19.95
SplashShopper is a shopping list application for Palm OS handhelds that is perfect for keeping lists of groceries to buy, movies to rent, CDs to buy...
SplashShopper for Palm OS Download Buy Full Version

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