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VLMenuPlus 3.2 (Viklele Associates) Price: $99
VLMenuPlus - Add stunning looks to your VB application menus with this drop-in menu enhancer.
VLMenuPlus Download Buy Full Version

VLButtonBar 2.0 (Viklele Associates) Price: $149
VLButtonBar - Add outlook bar style navigation to your applications with VLButtonBar control
VLButtonBar Download Buy Full Version

VLViewPort 1.0 (Viklele Associates) Price: $99
VLViewPort - Use VLViewPort and get scrollable viewport with auto scrolling ability.
VLViewPort Download Buy Full Version

VLFullScreen 1.0 (Viklele Associates) Price: $99
VLFullScreen - Add full screening ability to your VB application.
VLFullScreen Download Buy Full Version

VLPropertyList 1.0 (Viklele Associates) Price: $149
VLPropertyList - Visualize and edit multi-level categorized properties with VLPropertyList
VLPropertyList Download Buy Full Version

Quixotix Control Manager (Quixotix) Price: $15
Intelligent ActiveX Control management with Windows Explorer integration
Quixotix Control Manager Download Buy Full Version

ActiveX Ferret 1.0 (Absolute Infinity) Price: $14
Vanquish the flames of DLL hell with this easy but powerful ActiveX file manager
ActiveX Ferret Download Buy Full Version

Run Control (ADF Software) Price: $15
Execute programs, get the return code and capture the output.
Run Control Download Buy Full Version

SoftReports Viewer (SoftWorld42) Price: $19.95
A complete ActiveX Database Writer Generator which includes Print and Preview.
SoftReports Viewer Download Buy Full Version

TEC-IT Barcode ActiveX (TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH) Price: $260
BarCode ActiveX generates and prints bar codes from within your Windows application.
TEC-IT Barcode ActiveX Download Buy Full Version

TConnector ActiveX (TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH) Price: $145
TConnector makes data acquisition and communication easy. You can connect to serial port, parallel port, Intranet (TCP/IP), file-IO (...) with only 5 function calls!
TConnector ActiveX Download Buy Full Version

GarXface OCX 1.0.3 (Stemplewski Software) Price: $975
The GarXface OCX provides tools to interface to Garmin GPS receivers
GarXface OCX Download Buy Full Version

PacketX 3.0 (BeeSync Technologies) Price: $49.95
PacketX is a COM class library that makes it easy to use WinPcap packet capture functionality from almost any modern programming language supporting ActiveX technology.
PacketX Download Buy Full Version

PacketX Source Code (BeeSync Technologies) Price: $399.95
PacketX ActiveX control source code
PacketX Source Code Download Buy Full Version

AceEncrypt (DSX) Price: $49.99
Add data and file Encryption and Decryption to your application.
AceEncrypt Download Buy Full Version

XDockFloat (DSX) Price: $179.99
Create dockable and floatable Visual Basic forms
XDockFloat Download Buy Full Version

AutomX (Vantage View Software) Price: $10
AutomX(TM) is an Active X control that contains functionality for software test automation development for Borland Delphi(TM) 5 and 6.
AutomX Download Buy Full Version

Data Form ActiveX Control (Neodeck Software) Price: $95
Create or expand your database applications anywhere effortlessly.
Data Form ActiveX Control Download Buy Full Version

CST NumberLed ActiveX Control 4.0 (Century Soar Technology Co.,Ltd.) Price: $475
A excellent seven/fifteen segments LED used for displaying number.
CST NumberLed ActiveX Control Download Buy Full Version

CST Odometer ActiveX Control 3.6 (Century Soar Technology Co.,Ltd.) Price: $335
a numeric display component similar to an automobile's odometer or tripmeter.
CST Odometer ActiveX Control Download Buy Full Version

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