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Enhanced ListView (Stefano Baldi) Price: $0
Enhanced ListView Download Buy Full Version

DGAVIVidEdit X (Dion Galbreath) Price: $199
active x control to edit mpeg 1,2, vob, and avi files. add a huge number of filters and effects. however this edition will only save files as avi either compressed or uncompressed.
DGAVIVidEdit X Download Buy Full Version

MPEG X (Dion Galbreath) Price: $115
control to convert mpeg 1 or 2 files into mpeg1, 2 or avi (compressed or uncompressed) files.
MPEG X Download Buy Full Version

DVD 2 Video Ripper Enterprise Plus (Dion Galbreath) Price: $245
Control to rip and or burn dvd's to mpeg1(vcd),mpeg2(svcd), or avi. many more advanced features and screen preview. also includes the mpegx code to convert mpeg 1 and 2 files.
DVD 2 Video Ripper Enterprise Plus Download Buy Full Version

HTMLLabel (Woodbury Associates Ltd) Price: $99
HTMLLabel is a practical and versatile HTML renderer packaged as a lightweight ActiveX control intended specifically for developers who want to enhance their software with HTML.
HTMLLabel Download Buy Full Version

Word OCX 2.0 (Frank Kusluski) Price: $49.95
Word OCX is a powerful ActiveX Control with many useful functions for the purpose of sending Visual Basic data to a Word document, spell checking Visual Basic objects and database tables, creating labels in Word...
Word OCX Download Buy Full Version

DecisionViewer OCX (Relational Logic) Price: $79
DecisionViewer OCX is an ActiveX OCX control for use in programming languages like C++, Delphi and Visual Basic. Embed presentation-quality maps in your applications. Allows image layers, thematic queries, find features and similar GIS type functionality.
DecisionViewer OCX Download Buy Full Version

DecisionViewer OCX Pro (Relational Logic) Price: $699
DecisionViewer OCX Pro contains GIS and mapping functionality like thematic queries, legends, scale bars and north arrows. In addition, it contains shortest-route network functionality and geocoding capabilities.
DecisionViewer OCX Pro Download Buy Full Version

FlowChartX control 2.1 (MindFusion Group) Price: $250
FlowChartX helps you create and present work flow, algorithm, and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, object hierarchy and relationship charts, graphs, and trees.
FlowChartX control Download Buy Full Version

MouseTrap (ICON Laboratories, Inc.) Price: $45
A custom OCX/DLL that intercepts mouse events across the entire system. Not limited to the current application, MouseTrap can retrieve the events in all windows including the desktop.
MouseTrap Download Buy Full Version

Angel GIF ActiveX Control (LONGTION) Price: $29
Angel GIF ActiveX Control is a ActiveX control to display GIF file(still and animation) in OLE Container or float around screen. It supports all GIF89a standard, including transparent, animation, looping, delay time, etc.
Angel GIF ActiveX Control Download Buy Full Version

VLFormDeisgner 1.0 (Viklele Associates) Price: $499
VLFormDesigner is a an extremely easy to use form designer control. It will allow you to deliver a full fledged, feature rich form designer application with unbelievably small amount of code.
VLFormDeisgner Download Buy Full Version

VBEditor Activex ( Price: $149.99
VBEditor is a powerful WYSIWYG editor activex control for Visual Basic and other programming languages. Unlike other rich edit controls, VBEditor lets you add images and text anywhere you want. Many properties and methods are supported.
VBEditor Activex Download Buy Full Version

Intech Pop3 (AckNak Technologies) Price: $59.95
ITPop3 is a full-featured ActiveX control that includes text-to-speech and automatic decryption capabilities. The installation package comes complete with SDK documentation and application samples for VB, Scripting, and C.
Intech Pop3 Download Buy Full Version

Intech SMTP (AckNak Technologies) Price: $59.95
ITSmtp is a full-featured ActiveX control that includes automatic compression and encryption capabilities for attachments. The installation package comes complete with SDK documentation and application samples for VB, Scripting, and C.
Intech SMTP Download Buy Full Version

Intech ITSleuth (AckNak Technologies) Price: $149.95
ITSleuth is a full-feature, security and surveillance ActiveX control that provides motion-sensing and sound-sensing logic.
Intech ITSleuth Download Buy Full Version

Intech SysTrayOCX (AckNak Technologies) Price: $19.95
The SysTray Control offers the fastest and easiest way to integrate System Tray icons and event notification into any software application.
Intech SysTrayOCX Download Buy Full Version

SmartGraphX (LONGTION) Price: $199
ActiveX Control for application development to display SmartGraph files(.GPH).
SmartGraphX Download Buy Full Version

PolyImagePro Library (Larry C. Reeve) Price: $399.95
The PolyImagePro Image Processing Library is an ActiveX control that provides advanced image viewing, printing, and manipulation capabilities for Windows 95/98/NT programs.
PolyImagePro Library Download Buy Full Version

ActiveX Graphic & Chart Components 1.000 (Dragonfly Automation Software) Price: $300
ActiveX components provide you reusabe, flexible, reliable, robust and stable software UI(User Interface) solution. Of course, if you have any development environment which supports ActiveX or OLE design (i.e.
ActiveX Graphic & Chart Components Download Buy Full Version

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