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001Micron MSI to EXE Converter (Website Monitoring) Price: $59
Create EXE Installer Setup from your MSI software package in just single...
001Micron MSI to EXE Converter Download Buy Full Version

SoftIC OCR for E13B ActiveX DLL (SoftIC) Price: $16
This is OCR for E13B ActiveX...
SoftIC OCR for E13B ActiveX DLL Download Buy Full Version

Doc2Fax API (DriverLab SRL) Price: $430
Obviously it is quite complicated and inelegant to first print a digital document and then to have the fax device re-digitalize the printed paper again before finally sending it to the addressee.
Doc2Fax API Download Buy Full Version

Record CD&DVD SDK (YNET Technology Co.) Price: $1
Easy-to-use record dvd/cd disc sdk(dll or ocx usage), record data,iso file,multisession disc,mp3cd,audio cd,video cd,iso file,cdrip,disc copy. support CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD-RAM disc and all of dvd and cd record driver .
Record CD&DVD SDK Download Buy Full Version

Steware Charts .NET for WinForm (Steware Technology Inc.) Price: $699
Steware Chart .NET is a fully managed Windows Form control, that help the developers add a Chart in the application to provide the Chart representation for the input data. Steware Chart .
Steware Charts .NET for WinForm Download Buy Full Version

PS to PDF SDK ( Price: $999
PS to PDF is a windows developer application which can offer the best performance available to provide speedy conversions from PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript to Portable Document Format (PDF).
PS to PDF SDK Download Buy Full Version

QuipuKit (TeamDev Ltd.) Price: $450
QuipuKit is a JSF library enabling developers to easily build dynamic Web applications. It includes an extended set of JSF components and a validation framework that shifts the traditional JSF validation to the client side.
QuipuKit Download Buy Full Version

Persistor.NET Professional 1.4.1 (2Top Software Engineering GmbH) Price: $1
Persistor.NET® provides transparent persistence for pure object oriented development in the Microsoft® .NET Platform.
Persistor.NET Professional Download Buy Full Version

Barcode Reader for Java ( Price: $999
Business Refinery Barcode Reader for Java is a Java package that can read 1D and 2D barcode image, and decoded to barcode message.
Barcode Reader for Java Download Buy Full Version

AS XPCDKEY WIN32 DLL (AS Computer Software) Price: $20
Sometimes users forget their Windows XP CD KEY. Help your users to avoid this situation.There are many applications on net that you can use to get this infromation but from now on ALL applications can give it using this little library.
AS XPCDKEY WIN32 DLL Download Buy Full Version

DEXTUpload Pro (Devpia USA L.L.C.) Price: $299
Devpia is a portal site for the professional developer community that was constructed in 2000 under the motto of "developer's utopia".
DEXTUpload Pro Download Buy Full Version

Windows Form Printing.NET (WebSoft Consultants Limited) Price: $49.99
WebSoft Consultants Limited have released Windows Form Printing.NET, a component to enable developers to quickly and easily add basic printing support to their Windows forms applications.
Windows Form Printing.NET Download Buy Full Version

SmartCodeWebControl (TechnoRiver) Price: $999
SmartCodeWebControl is a .Net Web Control that allows you to easily add professional quality bar codes to ASP.Net applications developed in the .Net Framework.
SmartCodeWebControl Download Buy Full Version

Tag Cloud osCommerce Module ( Price: $49
Tag Cloud osCommerce module generates Cloud of Tags, based on oscommerce product names, oscommerce category names, most popular(purchased) products, most viewed products, products with most reviews etc. Product tagging becomes really popular now.
Tag Cloud osCommerce Module Download Buy Full Version

BestView Preview Library (PVL team) Price: $299.95
BestView is a preview library for C++ develpers who need to build print previews for their applications in one touch. Written on C++, the library provides very fast and friendly interface for users.
BestView Preview Library Download Buy Full Version

Together Workflow Server Professional V2 (Together) Price: $999
Together Workflow Server is an enormously flexible and extensible WfMC XPDL and OMG Workflow Management Facility compliant embeddable Java Workflow Engine.
Together Workflow Server Professional V2 Download Buy Full Version

ASPNetVideoe (ASPNetMedia) Price: $999
Introducing ASPNetVideo The ASPNetVideo Component Suite allows you to add video files and streaming media into your ASP.Net web forms. ASPNetVideo is unique in that: The first commercial-grade ASP.
ASPNetVideoe Download Buy Full Version

ASPNetFlash (ASPNetMedia) Price: $999
The ASPNetFlash software package has quickly become the industry standard for ASP.NET Flash embedding and interaction. At its simplest, the ASPNetFlash WebControl allows you to add Adobe Flash media (.swf files) into your ASP.NET web forms.
ASPNetFlash Download Buy Full Version

Adonet Oracle Data Components (Mikhail Milonov) Price: $60
Snotra Tech Adonet Oracle Data Components for .NET provides special dataset which is intented for Oracle database. Snotra Tech Adonet Oracle Data Components extend standard functions and features of ADO.
Adonet Oracle Data Components Download Buy Full Version

Barcode Components (BitLaboratory) Price: $139.99
Easily create professional quality bar codes. Barcodes allow you to quickly and easily add barcodes to either your Windows Forms or Web Forms applications including full design time development support.
Barcode Components Download Buy Full Version

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