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Odbc 4 All 2.1 (p.i. Guolo Davide) Price: $49
ODBC 4 ALL is a 32 bit Windows utility designed to easily allow any application, including DOS, to run SQL queries using any ODBC data source, (Access, Informix, MySql, Oracle, Sql Server, ...
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FmPro Migrator EEWin (.com Solutions Inc.) Price: $100
FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 and PostgreSQL.
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FlexTracer 2.2 ( Price: $39.95
FlexTracer is a powerful and flexible tracer of SQL-queries for several RDBMS and functions exported by DLLs. FlexTracer presents the history log containing all invoked operations, their results, parameters and execution times.
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Regular Expressions for MS SQL server 1.51 ( Price: $148.95
The Regular Expressions for MS SQL Server is a set of T-SQL User Defined Functions (UDF) that gives users full power to manipulate string data in SQL queries, stored procedures and Transact-SQL programming.
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SQL Script Recovery 1.00 (sunwise) Price: $39.95
SQL Script Recovery is a decrypt software for SQL Server 7 and 2000 with examining stored procedures, triggers, views and user-defined functions.
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File Management extended stored procedures for MS SQL Server (Leonid Belousov) Price: $49.95
Extended stored procedures for File Management extends the T-SQL functionality with capabilities of: Work with files and directories; Read and write files line-by-line or by arbitrary data blocks; Export and import BLOB data from th...
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DbToXml (Softrus LLC) Price: $25
DbToXML is a very usefull tool that can make your business XML-driven in seconds. All you need to do is provide ODBC connection to the existing data source and DbToXML will do the rest.
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SQL ScriptSafe 1.3 (Finley Innovations, Inc) Price: $69.99
SQL ScriptSafe is the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use SQL Server database script versioning tool on the market. The tool's interface provides the ability to easily add ALL SERVER and DATABASE scripts to Visual Sourcesafe with a single click.
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CGIScripter EE (.com Solutions Inc.) Price: $50
CGIScripter instantly writes Perl CGI Scripts for MySQL and Oracle database servers.
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IBProvider (Company to Corporate) (LCPI) Price: $450
Brief Overview of IBProvider Features: - IB4.x, IB5.x and IB6.x support. - Wide range of OLE DB data types and support of all InterBase data types. - Integrated data type convertor.
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Search Master Special Edition (Real Solutions) Price: $19.95
Search Master Special Edition comes complete with Search Master Professional Plus all the source code...
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Public.xls ( Price: $25
Public.xls, like Labeler.xls, began as an extension of the Forecaster.xls system. If Public.
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Easy Table (AidIam Software LLC) Price: $75
Distribute your application with EasyTable and forget Borland Database Engine (BDE). EasyTable is a compact yet powerful, extremely fast , reliable and easy-to-use BDE alternative database .
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MSMQ Extended Stored Procedures (Jeff Miko) Price: $49.95
Interact with MSMQ right from SQL Server Send and received messages Send a text file on your hard drive Purge messages from a queue Get the count of messages in a queue Extremely Fast (4-5...
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SNMP Extended Stored Procedures (Jeff Miko) Price: $19.95
Perform SNMP Get/Set Requests right from SQL...
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SecureStream ActiveX SSL Client SDK for NT/2000/XP (DataWizard Technologies) Price: $595
SecureStream is a high performance ActiveX COM DLL for Windows NT/2000/XP that allows developers to quickly write applications that transparently communicate using SSL over TCP/IP with almost any Winsock or socket component...
SecureStream ActiveX SSL Client SDK for NT/2000/XP Download Buy Full Version

MyDB Engine 2.6 (BJSTAR SOFT) Price: $49.95
MyDB is an excellent replacement for larger database engines.
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dbLockdown (Ecatenate Ltd) Price: $150
dbLockdown is a database tool to protect SQL scripts in SQL Server and MSDE databases. The tool encrypts stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions and views, stopping anyone from viewing or editing them.
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ITVator Tree (Itvator) Price: $99
Tree is Oracle PL/SQL package client_util for building hierarchical tree of two or more master-detail tables. Each table can be plain or hierarchical itself. Manages large amount of data. For using in client software.
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Confir ( Price: $9.99
Gestion de grupos de catequesis, de acampada o similares.
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