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dotBug PPE (Personal Pocket Edition) is a utility mainly for keeping track of bugs and enhancements in software, but only your imagination sets the limits for how dotBug PPE can be used.

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Description of dotBug PPE:

dotBug PPE (Personal Pocket Edition) is a utility mainly for keeping track of bugs and enhancements in software, but only your imagination sets the limits for how dotBug PPE can be used.

When you encounter a bug, or come up with an enhancement, for one of your products, add a new bug report that contains these properties:

- A short summary
- A longer description
- Information about which product this bug report 'belongs to'
- Information about which component of the product the bug was found in
- Information about which version of the product the bug was found in
- The severity of the problem
- The priority of the problem

You can also search for bugs and all properties are 'searchable'.

Another neat thing is that you can (ONLY in the full version) save some favorite queries. These will be accessible from the main window of the program making it very easy to use them. Useful if you often want to run the same query. In the demo version you can still use favorite queries but they arent saved when exiting the program.

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