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Pixel-Rave-02 - PostNuke Theme

Custom PHPNuke & PostNuke theme

Pixel-Rave-02 - PostNuke Theme Download

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Description of Pixel-Rave-02 - PostNuke Theme:

This is a custom theme for PHPNuke and PostNuke web portal software.

- Internet Explorer 5.x - 6x
- Netscape 4.7x - 6.x
- Opera 6

- Photoshop files included: background.psd, First Navigation Bar.psd, footer.psd, Left Navigation Bar.psd, left sidebox bottom.psd, left sidebox left.psd, left sidebox right.psd, left sidebox top.psd, logo.psd, search button.psd, Second Navigation Bar.psd, splash banner.psd, story button.psd and story_hr.psd.
- All fonts included (Mac & PC).
- Theme runs 775px fixed width.

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