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3D Constructo Combat

3D Constructo Combat Go constructo crazy! Construct buildings on a variety of 3D landscapes while preventing opponents from doing the same. Your flying ship has a grapple to pick up building parts or weapons.

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Description of 3D Constructo Combat:

3D Constructo Combat

Go constructo crazy! Construct buildings on a variety of 3D landscapes while preventing opponents from doing the same. Your flying ship has a grapple to pick up building parts or weapons. Keep a watchful eye on the green arrow, it highlights where to construct buildings or when to fire at enemy targets! To win, you must shoot down your opponent and construct the most buildings before time runs out!

Use the select button to pick up weapons that are highlighted by the green arrow.

Shoot opponents and bomb their buildings in one of 10 levels.

The radar in the upper right helps spot enemies and objects to pick up!

Customize keys for flying through the 3D environments.

Game Features: MultiplayerBluetooth capability. Incredible3D graphics! Great sound effects with an option to turn sound off/on. 10 levels to unlock! Customize the keys. In single player, opponents get harder as you get further along. Keeps high scores. Weapons include stun missile, missile pack, putty missile, demo bomb, and nuke. Find and attach balloons to objects or your opponent to watch them float away! Powerful 3D engine makes incredible 3D world possible. Controls optimized for one handed play. When green arrow highlights an object, use fire/ok button to get it or to use whatever you have in your possession (building piece or weapon).

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