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Super Photo-realistic Falcon 50 Panel and Aircraft for Flight Simulator 98

AETI FALCON 50 Download

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Description of AETI FALCON 50:

This fully Photo realistic panel includes the following features:Full FMC (ProFlight 98 compatible)-Overhead panel-Electronic Attitude Indicator-Flight Director

-Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
-Graphically correct Standby attitude Indicator
-Graphically correct Altitude Indicator
-Simulated scrolling weather radar-Working Starters, Cross Feed , light switches etc. on Overhead Panel-Custom Autopilot... and much much more.

The panel also comes with two Falcon 50 aircraft, in both Swiss and USA colors. The flight modeling on the aircraft is the most accurate available for Flight Simulator 98.

As with all AETI products, installation is fully automated for both aircraft and panels... just a few mouse clicks and you're flying!

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