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Twintrix is a tetris clone for 2 players with lots

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Description of TwinTrix:

DirectX enhanced tetris game for 2 players with two game modes : 'classic' and 'riders on the storm'. Classic mode is...well... classic. No hinderance effects. Except screen shaking when more than one line is droped down. Offcourse, i'm still talking about pure fun. 'Riders on the storm' mode is QUAKE amoung tetris clones. Explosions, eathquakes, storm , bombs, kamikaze and other hindering effects + total smooth action. Your opponent will also recieve your 'LOVE' when you break down 3 or 4 lines at the same time. Months of fun!!! Options: play in window or fullscreen, key configuration, joystick support & preconfiguration, gamma correction, element rotation clockwise or anticlock, block type selection ...

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