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Adventures of Eric - The Lost Kingdom

A 'good old-fashioned' adventure game with nine kingdoms of deserts, swamps, lava, ice, lakes and mountains. Each are full of critters, dungeons and lots of treasure! It's great for kids too!

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Description of Adventures of Eric - The Lost Kingdom:

A 'good old-fashioned' adventure game. This game is great for kids and adults alike. It has nine kingdoms and lots of dungeons and critters! In addition to normal adventures, it has hunting, boats, pirates, sea critters and all kinds of secrets and hidden treasure! It is small in download size but big in game size with deserts, swamps, ice, lava, lakes and mountains...

It intentionally has simple (yet fun and colorful) graphics and no sound effects which allows you to imagine your adventures just like in the old days!

Parents note: No violence or bad language and even my 5 year old loves it! If you are like our family you will love playing this game!

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