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Western Isle (Daniel Birch) Price: $14
3D adventure game where you help the people living in a small coastal town, build friendships with the townsfolk and buy and run a Tavern.
Western Isle Download Buy Full Version

Myst PPC (Cyan Worlds, Inc.) Price: $24.95
Cyan Worlds, Inc.
Myst PPC Download Buy Full Version

Jack of All Trades 1.1 (Dingo Games) Price: $19.95
A galactic war rages between two ancient civilizations. It's your choice whether or not to take part in it. Perhaps you will fight for one of these civilizations or perhaps you will work with the local rebel faction.
Jack of All Trades Download Buy Full Version

PacDoom III Halloween Party (Icestone Trustee Limited) Price: $18
Guide your brave Pacman to the Halloween Party, that is full of sudden tricks and you must challenge yourself in the dangerous fight with all your fears. An exciting strategic game for fun and pleasure. It combines the elements of arcade and quest games.
PacDoom III Halloween Party Download Buy Full Version

Wing Released Spirits (White Stone) Price: $19
Wing: Released Spirits is an epic adventure game. You control Adryn, a young man on the journey for the Light Crystal. When you find it, you will be able to fly with the flying machine.
Wing Released Spirits Download Buy Full Version

Mystery Island II (Koingo Software) Price: $9.95
You are a Navy Seal currently serving aboard the USS Volarus when your submarine is destroyed by an unidentified vessel. A Russian nuclear warship seems the most likely possibility. You escape the final blast and wash up on a tropical island.
Mystery Island II Download Buy Full Version

Pirates of Treasure Island (Arcade Lab) Price: $19.95
Help Captain Gingerbeard and his crew to find the legendary fortunes of Treasure Island. Enjoy beautiful animated graphics and catchy pirate music in this game with a unique combination of brick-matching puzzle and exciting adventure.
Pirates of Treasure Island Download Buy Full Version

Pipeline Plus 1.1 (Superior Interactive) Price: $19.95
Pipeline Plus * Two challenging adventures, eight large levels in total! * A huge number of pipe elements link together, and you will often be moving around through these pipes. * Create your own mind-bending adventures using the editors.
Pipeline Plus Download Buy Full Version

Ravenskull 1.4 (Superior Interactive) Price: $19.95
Ravenskull: a magical quest full of puzzles and mystery, as reality blends with fantasy. * Two vast adventures. * Four character types with their special abilities: adventurer, warrior, wizard, elf. * Create your own adventures using RavenScript.
Ravenskull Download Buy Full Version

Cherokee Trails (Pharos Games) Price: $19.95
Winner of the 2004 SIAF award for best educational game! A wise Cherokee woman transports you from a roadside flea market to a ghostly trail where you can trade with the spirits and unravel the secrets of the Cherokee Trails.
Cherokee Trails Download Buy Full Version

The Omega Syndrome 2.08 (Australian Game Developers) Price: $14.95
THE OMEGA SYNDROME is a Computer Role Playing Game set in a world where secret government organizations have the ultimate authority.
The Omega Syndrome Download Buy Full Version

Spooky Street ( Price: $19.95
Spooky game with an atmosphere inspired in the old city of Prague. Use the arrow keys to go left/right/jump and space to punch.
Spooky Street Download Buy Full Version

Random Roller (Successful Creations Software) Price: $5.95
Random Roller is a handy little program designed mostly with fantasy gamers in mind. It allows the user to enter a low number, a high number, and a desired number of results.
Random Roller Download Buy Full Version

In The Raven Shadow (CINEMAX) Price: $19.95
In the Raven Shadow is in the best sense an old-fashioned adventure game for all sense-seeking people, which can laugh about themselves. And not only the painting in the decayed house does show a twinkle of the eye.
In The Raven Shadow Download Buy Full Version

gensgold 1.00 (thepoolclub Ltd) Price: $4.95
Help Gen find all his lost gold in this fine platform adventure game. To do this, you'll need to explore islands; caves; snowy plains; fiery lava pits; and the futuristic techno zones.
gensgold Download Buy Full Version

Fantasy Wars (Rob Huala) Price: $12.95
Fantasy wars is a Risk style game based on conquering countries and castles. Knights will join your empire and help lead and organize your troops in real time battle. Knights will grow in experience and power as they conquer contries and explore keeps.
Fantasy Wars Download Buy Full Version

Lenny Loosejocks in Space (Ezone) Price: $19.95
The sequel to Lenny Walkabout.
Lenny Loosejocks in Space Download Buy Full Version

Lenny Loosejocks Goes Walkabout (Ezone) Price: $19.95
The prequel to Lenny in Space. You'll become immersed in this epic online adventure as you guide Lenny Loosejocks as he goes Walkabout in the Australian outback.
Lenny Loosejocks Goes Walkabout Download Buy Full Version

MagicWorld 1.01 (Funny Arts) Price: $15.95
Forget about your daily routine and dive into this amazing world of mystery and adventure. Meet our hero, Squirrelly Chris. One day, an evil wizard captured Squirrelly Chris and banished him to the Magic World.
MagicWorld Download Buy Full Version

Monsters' House download and CD (Big Fish Games) Price: $21.95
The monsters keep coming out from behind the doors. They will never stop. The objective of this endless game is to hold the invasion by removing the monsters from the game filed.
Monsters' House download and CD Download Buy Full Version

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