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Brick Breaker

TimWin's Brick Buster: Are you faster than the bricks? Using lasers, a paddle and your wits can you beat the bricks? Each level becomes progressively more difficult and challenging.

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TimWin's Brick Buster: Are you faster than the bricks? Using lasers, a paddle and your wits can you beat the bricks? Each level becomes progressively more difficult and challenging. Bonus chips rain down around you, some good some bad, some are a total mystery. You'll love this new game from TimWin. The object of Brick Buster is to accumulate points by destroying bricks and catching bonus chips. You can destroy bricks by hitting them with a ball or shooting them with laser fire. There are three flavors of bricks which can be identified by their color. Pink bricks are destroyed with one collision of a ball or laser, red bricks require two collisions and maroon bricks need three. Some bricks contain bonus chips. When you hit a brick which contains a bonus, the bonus is released. The contents of the bonus chip will be labeled as it falls to the ground. You are awarded the contents of the bonus chip by catching it with your paddle. Not all bonus chips are desirable. Some may distract you from game play while others may alter the way the ball moves. Regardless of its contents, catching a bonus chip earns you points, which leads us to how Brick Buster scores points. Every time the ball collides with a brick you earn 30 points. Every time you catch a falling bonus with your paddle you are awarded 50 points. Finally, when you hit a brick with a laser you are awarded 15 points. If you catch a bonus chip labeled 'Fast', 'Paddle Reversed' or 'Narrow Paddle', all point values are doubled. They will remain doubled until one of the following occurs: A new level is started, you leave 'Reverse' mode, the paddle widens or the ball slows. As long as any one of the three modes is enabled, doubled scoring will remain in effect.

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