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Z-Raid (Tamestorm) Price: $19.95
Z-Raid fantastic River Raid remake. This game, like many shot'em ups, is about blowing up lots of stuff. You fly your plane over the river which is divided into sections, with a bridge at the end of each section.
Z-Raid Download Buy Full Version

Cubology 1.06 ( Price: $19.95
Cubology is a fun, dynamic puzzle/arcade game featuring 3D game play ! Purchase your copy to unlock these additional features : - Play on 7 additional arcade levels. - Challenge yourself with an additional 30 puzzle levels.
Cubology Download Buy Full Version

GAL-apagos 1.0 (AICO Productions) Price: $19.95
GAL-apagos is an addictive Arkanoid-style game with fun and colorful graphics and polished gameplay! The setting of the game is in the sunny Galapagos where you resque beautiful girls that have been captured by the Idols of the Temple.
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Pac-Manic Worlds (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Pac-Manic Worlds 3D builds on the classic PacMan game.The object of the game is to eat all of the dots in the maze while avoiding the ghosts. At the maze you can find large shiny dots. These are called Power Dots.
Pac-Manic Worlds Download Buy Full Version

Bugix Adventures (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Piloting a top-secret mobile helicopter "Bug Chaser 4000 BX" equipped with nitro booster, energy shield generator, gun, and other cool gadgets, the player has to save beautiful flying islands and stop the invasion of aliens.
Bugix Adventures Download Buy Full Version

BrixoutXP (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
The best 3D remake of Breakout...
BrixoutXP Download Buy Full Version

Magic Pets (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
A great evil sorcerer stole the magic pets and hid them in his dark catacombs. Without the magic pets, there is no equilibrium of forces, and the kingdom is doomed.
Magic Pets Download Buy Full Version

Treasure Machine (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Treasure Machine is a dynamic and colorful arcade that combines action and puzzle elements in perfect harmony. The game will take you to different locations around the globe where you are to collect famous treasures.
Treasure Machine Download Buy Full Version

Brave Dwarves Back for Treasures 1.0 (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
This is not just another fairy tale. It's a saga about the everlasting battle between good and evil, and you are the main character.
Brave Dwarves Back for Treasures Download Buy Full Version

Pacco Quest 3D 1.0.2 (Alfa Games) Price: $19.95
Pacco Quest 3D is a 3D remake of old well-known Pacman game with modern 3D-look and environment.
Pacco Quest 3D Download Buy Full Version

BlockBuster Symbian (Icestone Trustee Limited) Price: $16.95
BlockBuster is a logic game with the elements of arcade - it will be right for both - puzzle fans and action lovers.
BlockBuster Symbian Download Buy Full Version

Rotate Mania Symbian (Icestone Trustee Limited) Price: $16.95
Fresh new game, combining elements of arcade and puzzle to form a very addictive mix. If you like Tetris, Clickomania, BlockBuster - this one is in the same vein but quite different and entertaining.
Rotate Mania Symbian Download Buy Full Version

Smiling Bubbles Symbian (Icestone Trustee Limited) Price: $16.95
The path to perfection has no borders, so as the new bubble game. Smiling Bubbles are not only chatting and laughing, entertaining you but also give you a chance to improve your skills - they are clever and cunning you see.
Smiling Bubbles Symbian Download Buy Full Version

Krakout Pocket PC (BallShooter Games) Price: $9.95
Blast your way through more than 400 powerful levels in the ultimate arkanoid game. Discover unique power items, brick types, and fun in Krakout.
Krakout Pocket PC Download Buy Full Version

Arcade Bubbles (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Swap adjacent bubbles to create sets of 3 or more identical bubbles. Appealing high quality graphics. Full color and full size window mode. Skin your game with themes that display original blocks and nice animations. Sounds fx and music.
Arcade Bubbles Download Buy Full Version

Real Ball (Realore Studios) Price: $19.95
Be the first in a space breakout match! Try the super event of blocks destroying. You have a special bat machine and a ball to play the game. Start to burst blocks and get super bonuses of rocket towers, fireballs, gun-machines and more.
Real Ball Download Buy Full Version

Atomic Cannon 2.6 (Isotope244 Graphics) Price: $19.95
Have fun battling with friends or computers using teams of small tanks! This fun arcade game is easy to learn but difficult to master. It features over 50 powerful weapons and 25 unique landscapes to wage war on.
Atomic Cannon Download Buy Full Version

Acky's XP Breakout 1.0 (Isotope244 Graphics) Price: $19.95
Blast your way through 150 powerful levels in the ultimate arkanoid game. Discover unique power items, brick types, and fun in Acky's XP Breakout.
Acky's XP Breakout Download Buy Full Version

GunRaven 1.0 (Aggressive Game Designs) Price: $9.95
GunRaven is intense top-scrolling arcade action for the PC, using a high-res screen and hardware acceleration to achieve amazing effects.
GunRaven Download Buy Full Version

BubbleTop 2.21 (yx2004) Price: $9.95
BubbleTop is a unique interesting game that test your strategy. Your mission is to match three or more bubbles of the same color together to clear them.
BubbleTop Download Buy Full Version

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