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Jigsaw World (YoudaGames) Price: $19.95
Imagine opening a box of puzzle pieces only to find out it contained not one but 60 puzzles! That's what you'll get when you play Jigsaw World, a game packed with hours of easy breezy puzzle fun.
Jigsaw World Download Buy Full Version

Jungle Quest (YoudaGames) Price: $19.95
Join world-renowned archeologist Cathie Jones in her search to discover the Fountain of Youth.
Jungle Quest Download Buy Full Version

Enchanted Cavern (YoudaGames) Price: $19.95
The entrance to the cave is dark and foreboding, causing you to question whether or not you should step through its mouth. But you know a treasure of untold value can be found inside, so you take a deep breath and enter the labyrinth.
Enchanted Cavern Download Buy Full Version

Sheeps Quest (YoudaGames) Price: $19.95
The farm on which the world's fluffiest sheep live is falling apart! Will you help them rebuild their home? All you have to do is guide the animals through seven challenging game worlds in an effort to collect enough coins to pay for the renovations.
Sheeps Quest Download Buy Full Version

Age of Japan Pack (YoudaGames) Price: $29.95
Age of Japan is an incredible puzzle entertainment, which shines with unique graphics. All 40 game levels are rendered with Japanese style and show different seasons of the year. The objective of the game is to swap game pieces to clear filled cells.
Age of Japan Pack Download Buy Full Version

Mystery Pack (YoudaGames) Price: $39.9
Meet Catherine, Alex and Natalie and help them to solve all kinds of mysteries and puzzles in these three amazing hidden object adventures.
Mystery Pack Download Buy Full Version

Arctic Quest Pack (YoudaGames) Price: $24.95
With a wave of his icy fingers, the Snow King unleashed a bitter frost on the tropical islands across Earth. Palm trees iced over, fish were frozen solid in the seas and birds could no longer take flight.
Arctic Quest Pack Download Buy Full Version

The Treasures of Montezuma (YoudaGames) Price: $19.95
In The Treasures of Montezuma, you'll do more than match ancient artifacts and activate powerful magic totems. You'll also follow the beautiful and clever Dr. Emily Jones as she solves a mystery that can transform the world.
The Treasures of Montezuma Download Buy Full Version

Color Buttons (VisualMedia) Price: $9.95
Introducing Color Buttons, an interactive and innovative physics based puzzle game. Casual and hardcore gamers alike will be drawn in to hours of manipulating colored buttons that interact and react dynamically.
Color Buttons Download Buy Full Version

Alchemy Mahjong (Outrix Corp.) Price: $19.95
You are welcome to the enchanting world of Alchemy Mahjong! Familiar and at the same time absolutely new, it is a never-ending and never-annoying journey of brain-teasing fun for puzzle-lovers of all ages! You are to build Golden Hour-glass, Sword...
Alchemy Mahjong Download Buy Full Version

SlipSaw1 Puzzle (ValxArt) Price: $19.95
How much is sissy memory worth? vibrant color puzzles are quite a bargain and loved by all ages and genders. It's a Memory Mender game because when memory is not used, you loose. As you stretch and exercise memory, it improves.
SlipSaw1 Puzzle Download Buy Full Version

Magic Ball 4 (YoudaGames) Price: $19.95
First, aliens entered our dimension and kidnapped thousands of men and women.
Magic Ball 4 Download Buy Full Version

Enchanting Islands (YoudaGames) Price: $19.95
The Enchanting Islands were filled with light and color until an evil sorceress spread darkness throughout the land.
Enchanting Islands Download Buy Full Version

Fall Balls (ValSoft) Price: $19.95
Fall Balls designed for puzzle fans. The goal of the game is to solve the puzzle in such a way that there should be a possibility to collect all same colored diamonds and balls in the certain order on the level.
Fall Balls Download Buy Full Version

Jewel of Atlantis (Enkord) Price: $19.95
Jewel of Atlantis is a new and exciting action puzzle which combines match-3 mechanics with breakout-style gameplay mayhem. In this game you explore just uncovered ancient continent in search of valuable treasures and Relics.
Jewel of Atlantis Download Buy Full Version

Sub Hunter (Outflank Strategy War Games) Price: $9.99
Sub Hunter is a game of skill and chance (Much like a real sub hunt!) You are the captain of a destroyer which has the mission of finding and destroying an enemy submarine.
Sub Hunter Download Buy Full Version

Sub Hunter For Windows Mobile (Outflank Strategy War Games) Price: $6.99
Play Sub Hunter on your phone or PDA! Sub Hunter is a game of skill and chance (Much like a real sub hunt!) You are the captain of a destroyer which has the mission of finding and destroying an enemy submarine.
Sub Hunter For Windows Mobile Download Buy Full Version

H2o Remix (TLK Games) Price: $4.95
In H2O Remix by TLK Games, you must guide water drops through different settings and sceneries.
H2o Remix Download Buy Full Version

Astra Jigsaw Europe Tour (Lena Games) Price: $14
Add 100+ Old Europe pictures to your collection of jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy castles in Prague and Budapest, cottages in Holland and Switzerland, city views of Vienna and St-Petersbourg.
Astra Jigsaw Europe Tour Download Buy Full Version

Bumps (UtopianGames) Price: $14.95
They came out of nowhere. They caught us by surprise and hunted us down before anyone knew what was happening. After a few hours it was all over. Most of us had been caught and stored away in balls of energy - safely locked away as tomorrow's lunch.
Bumps Download Buy Full Version

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