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Swap and Fall 2 (Realore Studios) Price: $19.95
Swap and Fall 2 is a point-and-click puzzle with a touch of autumn nostalgia. Swap neighbor items to match a line. Items fall and you score. Classic and time-based play modes, sleek autumn graphics and tranquil music make the game a real cutie.
Swap and Fall 2 Download Buy Full Version

Jigsaw Yoogi 1.0 (Yoogi Logic Games) Price: $19.95
Jigsaw yoogi is a computer Jigsaw Puzzle game from Yoogi Games. Puzzle pieces in Diffrent shapes Play your own pictures and photos. Supports BMP, JPG, GIF PCX..
Jigsaw Yoogi Download Buy Full Version

The Treasures of India (NovaGame Inc.) Price: $19.95
The Treasures of India is new addictive puzzle game from NovaGame.
The Treasures of India Download Buy Full Version

Oak Systems Sudoku (Oak Systems) Price: $12
Generate and solve 9x9 and 16x16 Sudoku puzzles against the clock. Five levels of difficulty, to suit all levels of play. Play on your PC with our easy to use system, or print out to solve the traditional way. Save games to complete later.
Oak Systems Sudoku Download Buy Full Version

Bubble Shooter Deluxe 1.6 (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $18
Bubble Shooter is an arcade game with simple rules and four modes: strategy, arcade, sniper and marathon.
Bubble Shooter Deluxe Download Buy Full Version

Ada Pets Finder 3.00 (Outgoing Mail Server) Price: $14.95
ADA Pets Finder, an easy game with lovely pets, easygoing menu style takes you endless joy. ADA Pets Finder is to score as many points as possible by swapping pets to create sets. Click the two neighboring pets can change their places.
Ada Pets Finder Download Buy Full Version

Atomix Reversi (OLSETO) Price: $12
Atomix REVERSI is inspired from classic board game Reversi/Othello BUT support Skins & Maps for best fun. You can play with 8x8 board to 30x30 board.
Atomix Reversi Download Buy Full Version

Photo PuzzleFX (Tanseon Systems) Price: $19.95
Photo PuzzleFX 2.0 is a challenging and addictive Jigsaw Puzzles game for the entire family, both adults and children.
Photo PuzzleFX Download Buy Full Version

Never-Ready Calculators (James Baartse) Price: $9.95
Never-Ready Calculators is a unique gaming experience which is a cross between a platform game, a math game and a logic game. The basic idea is to collect all the batteries on each level in order to power-up your calculator.
Never-Ready Calculators Download Buy Full Version

Spelled Knights of Light 1.0 (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $19.95
The Knights of a Light Order were the guards of the Kingdoms and they lived on a big island. They spent happily and peacefully not much time. Sultan the Cruel decided to seize Three Kingdoms of the Lonesome Sea.
Spelled Knights of Light Download Buy Full Version

MagicalGems (Citrumsoft) Price: $9.95
The object of the game is to place each gem on the cell colored the same color as the gem itself. There are no impossible missions and puzzling tasks - this game is to relax and have fun.
MagicalGems Download Buy Full Version

FireMan 1.3 (BondarchukV) Price: $14.95
FireMan - it's a new exiting puzzle game for all family! You control fireman - brave positive hero, which hurry to help all people around the world. This game has two attractive modes: - The first one is a "Story Mode".
FireMan Download Buy Full Version

Tet XP 2.7 (Suma Games) Price: $10.95
Destroy rows of blocks in this completely unique Tetris remake. Nine completely new game pieces with a larger playfield and unique game play.
Tet XP Download Buy Full Version

Aquacade (KraiSoft Entertainment) Price: $19.99
Get into your submarine and go pearl-fishing in addictive underwater action puzzle. You'll meet exotic marine animals and reveal the secrets of seabed while making combos out of colorful pearls.
Aquacade Download Buy Full Version

Crossword ( Inc.) Price: $24.96
Like Scrabble? Wish you could play with family and friends who are miles away? Now it's possible with the online Crossword script.
Crossword Download Buy Full Version

Jig Words (HipSoft) Price: $19.95
Click on letters to find all the words and reveal fun photos. There are two modes to play including multiplayer and exciting "Word Duel" bonus rounds.
Jig Words Download Buy Full Version

Adorinc Puzzles (adorinc) Price: $24.95
WebMaster edition.
Adorinc Puzzles Download Buy Full Version

Sea Puzzle (ZipCure Ltd.) Price: $14.95
Like naval games with sailboats and brave seaman but prefer thinking rather then fighting? Great! Try Sea Puzzle - world's most popular logic game with a naval theme. The playing field is dividing into squares.
Sea Puzzle Download Buy Full Version

Genius Move (Katana Games S.L.) Price: $19.95
If what you are looking for is an addictive and charming puzzle game - guaranteed to have you burning the midnight oil while stretching your powers of lateral thinking to the absolute limit - look no further! Amusing, perplexing, addictive, beauti...
Genius Move Download Buy Full Version

Griddlers Deluxe 2006-6.1 (Vitaly Kasyan) Price: $15.95
Griddlers (also known as Paint by Numbers, Paint by Pairs, Illust-Logic, Nonograms, Pic-a-Pix Puzzles) are language-independent logic puzzles. The idea is to solve encrypted picture by number clues.
Griddlers Deluxe Download Buy Full Version

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