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Tetpic4000 (EleFun) Price: $9.95
Tetris is everlasting! This game is a real masterpiece in multiplicity of computer puzzle games.
Tetpic4000 Download Buy Full Version

Circulate 1.01 ( Price: $19.95
Circulate is a fun, dynamic puzzle game featuring 100% original game play. Move (circulate) spheres around each level by spinning the entire level left and right (clockwise and anticlockwise). Unique level design. Play 30+ levels now.
Circulate Download Buy Full Version

Dice Jam 1.0 (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Get Dice Jam and get Jammin'! Match up runs and 3 of a kind in this fantastic puzzle game. Hundreds of levels to keep the whole family entertained. Choose between two great modes of play.
Dice Jam Download Buy Full Version

Word Jolt Holiday (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Ring in the holidays with a Special Holiday edition of Word Jolt! The Holiday edition of Word Jolt offers up hours of shockingly great play, for both the mind and reflexes.
Word Jolt Holiday Download Buy Full Version

BlockOut 1.1 (NovaGame Inc.) Price: $14.95
A delightfully addictive, fast-paced puzzle game for the whole family. Placed firmly in the boundary between puzzle and collapse games, BlockOut may very well be the next Tetris.
BlockOut Download Buy Full Version

Pix-Fit Christmas Edition (Yoogi Logic Games) Price: $19.95
Place Polyomino pieces in picture-like grid shapes.The polyomino pieces are introduced at a rapid pace, so you have to be quick and accurate in placing the pieces. When you successfully complete fill the picture with pieces you win.
Pix-Fit Christmas Edition Download Buy Full Version

BrainScram 1.0 (QFIT) Price: $8
Exercise your brain with a game that has no rules. Or rather you have to figure out the rules for yourself. What is your BSQ (BrainScram Quotient?) And how do you stack up against the world? BrainScram is very simple, or very complicated.
BrainScram Download Buy Full Version

Food Logic 1.03 (NinjaLab Studios) Price: $19.95
An addictive logic game. Your goal is to score as many points as possible by swapping adjacent items to create sets, either horizontal or vertical, of 3 or more identical items. Two game modes are available.
Food Logic Download Buy Full Version

Collapser 3D (NovaGame Inc.) Price: $17.95
Collapser 3D game - think you've mastered Collapse!? Those little cubes you see in your sleep at night are back in three new versions to take you to even greater heights of fun and excitement.
Collapser 3D Download Buy Full Version

MahJong Ace 1.0 ( Price: $12.95
MahJong Ace - new MahJong Solitaire. You have to match tiles in pairs until all of the tiles are gone. Once two tiles have been matched, they will disappear from the board. When you click on a tile - it becomes highlighted.
MahJong Ace Download Buy Full Version

Domino Drop (Redclaw Games) Price: $19.95
In Domino Drop, you will travel the world beating a series of domino toppling challenges in order to uncover fabulous riches! On each level your task will be to place the various dominos in such a way that once the first one is pushed...
Domino Drop Download Buy Full Version

Championship Mahjongg Solitaire (DreamQuest Software) Price: $19.99
Discover world-class puzzle action that is simple to learn, yet challenging to master. Race against the clock to match tiles of ancient text, DreamQuest characters, or one of various other tile sets.
Championship Mahjongg Solitaire Download Buy Full Version

Guarden (Erevu) Price: $9
Guarden is a puzzle game. Your mission is to safely get all raging elephants out of the garden without letting any of them step on the flowers.
Guarden Download Buy Full Version

Collapse Crunch (GameHouse, Inc.) Price: $19.95
Collapse like you've never collapsed before! Four new game modes to sink your mouse into: Crank out some clicks in Crunch, bust some blocks in Big, zero in on the fun in ZigZag, and puzzle over Perplexor.
Collapse Crunch Download Buy Full Version

Word Rotation (Knowledge Probe Inc) Price: $10
A rotating word puzzle. Rotate adjacent letter tiles into words. 30,000+ common words plus additional word lists including French vocabulary. Various difficulty levels.
Word Rotation Download Buy Full Version

Mobile Tangrams (NovaWisdom) Price: $8.95
Pocket PC version of Tangrams, with over 250 puzzles to play. Now you can play Tangrams anywhere with you Pocket PC.
Mobile Tangrams Download Buy Full Version

Pipe Engineer (StuGroup) Price: $10.95
The water pipelines throughout the world are being attacked by an unknown menace. This menace rearranges the pipes so that once the central station starts pumping water it will spill and not reach its intended communities.
Pipe Engineer Download Buy Full Version

Puzzle Blast 1.0 (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Puzzle Blast is a brand new puzzler that can challenge your brain and perception reflexes! Clear gems pictured at the ancient stone with the help of magic rings. Dont let the rings fill the screen or you will lose.
Puzzle Blast Download Buy Full Version

Cloner 3D (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $15.99
Cloner 3D is a nice and hooking educational 3D arcade game. This game has no analogs in the game world yet. There are four game modes: Strategy, Arcade, Strategy Molecule and Arcade Molecule. Your goal is different in them.
Cloner 3D Download Buy Full Version

BlotterGeist (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $12
BlotterGeist is a very entertaining and completely new arcade game on a board, where you play with blots of paint arranging them by the color. There are four different game modes, as well as three skill levels and a nice demo.
BlotterGeist Download Buy Full Version

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