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ClickBuster (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $12.5
Great arcade game collection, with different skill levels, several quite varying playing modes. All Tetris, Coppapse, Clickomania lovers will surely enjoy this ne game. A mode for two players is included. Nice demo mode to just watch and have fun.
ClickBuster Download Buy Full Version

Magic Spheres (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $12
Magic Spheres include a set of fresh new arcade games, where your aim is to shoot colourful balls and blow them up matching colours. There are nine different games available.
Magic Spheres Download Buy Full Version

Mosaic (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $12
Mosaic is a puzzle game, with different playing modes and various skill levels. They all are united by common interface and idea - the goal is to match color blocks and remove them from the board. You could also play against the computer.
Mosaic Download Buy Full Version

Smart PaintBall (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $12
Smart Paintball is a really addictive arcade game where your task is to clear the spots of different colors from the board. This is done by shooting more paint from the tube. New spots fall in if you miss the aim. Installer and uninstaller are included.
Smart PaintBall Download Buy Full Version

Planetoid Pack (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $12
Several nice arcades, both classic and new ones, are packed in one collection within this game. Great graphics, sounds, various options make this game extreme fun. And surely, the gameplay itself is the main attractive point of of this arcade game.
Planetoid Pack Download Buy Full Version

Tetorganizer (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $18
Tetorganizer is a real must have game for every tetris and arcade lover. It packs eighteen different tetris games in one and will bring great fun to your desktop. A score of different tetris games plus skill levels, great design and features.
Tetorganizer Download Buy Full Version

IceMania (Absolutist Ltd) Price: $12.5
Ice Mania is a wonderful collection of arcade games developed for those who like to spend time with fun and use for brain.
IceMania Download Buy Full Version

5 Spots (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
The world4s favourite spot-the-difference game! This cleverly executed game offers so much more than expected  a friendly interface, beautiful and original images, and surprising details.
5 Spots Download Buy Full Version

Domino Master Gold (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Domino Master Gold brings the challenge and thrill of Dominoes to your desktop. With games ranging from the all-time classic All Fives to Pictures, Domino Master offers something for the whole family.
Domino Master Gold Download Buy Full Version

Words Collection (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
11 great, fun, and clever words games in one package : Words Twister, Anagrams, Broken Words, Cross Words, Hidden Words, Missing Letters and much more... 230,000 Words Dictionary ! Appealing high quality graphics. Full color and full size window mode.
Words Collection Download Buy Full Version

Puzzles Letters (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
An entertaining puzzle game of words and letters. 250,000 Words Dictionary ! 2 play modes and 2 difficulty levels. Appealing high quality graphics. Full color and full size window mode.
Puzzles Letters Download Buy Full Version

Rotopath (Toyzzle) Price: $20
Rotopath is a challenging maze game for anyone who loves puzzles. The object of the game is to place and rotate colored disks to create a path across the board that visits the disks in the order specified by the given pattern.
Rotopath Download Buy Full Version

Ada Cartoon Solitaire 4.28 (Outgoing Mail Server) Price: $14.95
ADA cartoon solitaire, the most popular and intresting solitaire Game, your goal is to find two same pictures and remove them. The link line can not turn more than two swerves. The time is limited you must link them as soon as possible.
Ada Cartoon Solitaire Download Buy Full Version

Holiday Express (HipSoft) Price: $19.95
Celebrate the holidays by delivering colorful presents on the Holiday Express! You'll need to arrange the gifts to fill up the train and reveal festive photos! YouBll also enjoy falling snow...
Holiday Express Download Buy Full Version

Insaniquarium CD (PopCap Games) Price: $21.95
Own this spectacular underwater smash hit on CD! Feed fish, fight aliens, upgrade your weapons...
Insaniquarium CD Download Buy Full Version

Insaniquarium (PopCap Games) Price: $19.95
Feed fish, fight aliens, upgrade your weapons...
Insaniquarium Download Buy Full Version

Zuma 4-Pack CD (PopCap Games) Price: $29.95
Zuma 4-Pack...
Zuma 4-Pack CD Download Buy Full Version

Word Buzz Gold (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Word Buzz challenges you to form as many words as possible in search of Clue words. Every word earns points, but the Clue words earn big bonuses! Quick thinking and a strong vocabulary are essential to win.
Word Buzz Gold Download Buy Full Version

Caterpillar Gold (Games Sphere) Price: $19.95
Caterpillar is a fast-paced action game that pits you against relentless Caterpillars. Your only weapons are your quick reflexes and creativity. Caterpillar has four different games - each one guarantees hours of fun.
Caterpillar Gold Download Buy Full Version

BrickShooter Jr. for Mac 1.0 (TERMINAL studio) Price: $19.95
BrickShooter Jr. is a new variant of the popular and challenging game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. It contains special options that make the game play more enjoyable.
BrickShooter Jr. for Mac Download Buy Full Version

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