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LingvoSoft FlashCards (ECTACO) Price: $19.95
Do you have the desire to learn 7000 foreign words in a short time and with the least amount of effort? Then LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC is the best choice for you! With LingvoSoft FlashCards you can study foreign languages as you play! J...
LingvoSoft FlashCards Download Buy Full Version

Rock'n'Roll 2004 Return Of The King (300AD) Price: $14.95
Rock'n'Roll is not dead! Real good times are back rocking and rolling in the puzzle game Rock'n'Roll 2004! Yes, you were right - the King has never died. Now he rocks as ever.
Rock'n'Roll 2004 Return Of The King Download Buy Full Version

BubbleLines 2.43 (yx2004) Price: $9.95
BubbleLines is a remake of classic Lines game with many new amusing features. It is relaxing logical game for all people who enjoy the challenge.
BubbleLines Download Buy Full Version

Pix-Fit 1.0 (Yoogi Logic Games) Price: $19.95
Place Polyomino pieces in picture-like grid shapes.The polyomino pieces are introduced at a rapid pace, so you have to be quick and accurate in placing the pieces. When you successfully complete fill the picture with pieces you win.
Pix-Fit Download Buy Full Version

Golden Lines 1.0 (Atis Labs) Price: $19.95
Golden Lines is extremely addictive variation of classical Color Lines game, logical game for people of all ages. Your task is to build lines of balls of the same colour. Every time you move a ball, 3 new balls appear.
Golden Lines Download Buy Full Version

Super PileUp (GameHouse, Inc.) Price: $19.95
At first it's just a really fun puzzle game of matching colored balls, but then it gets crazy! The Screwballs infiltrate your pile and the Stone Blockers get in your way.
Super PileUp Download Buy Full Version

Super Wild Wild Words (GameHouse, Inc.) Price: $19.95
YeeHaw! Ready to rustle up some words? You'll have to be quick on the draw to make words out of letters as they fall. But don't worry, they don't have to be adjacent -- just so they make a word. Make bigger words and the blocks will fall more slowly.
Super Wild Wild Words Download Buy Full Version

Jig-Swap Puzzle 1.01 (Realore Studios) Price: $19.95
Try this unique combination of Jig and Swap! Breathe new life into pictures of nature be swapping and jigging randomized pieces. Make sure you've placed all pieces on the right places to complete a level. Have fun creating your own world of nature.
Jig-Swap Puzzle Download Buy Full Version

Magic Inlay (GameHouse, Inc.) Price: $24.95
Following in the graceful footsteps of Puzzle Inlay, we bring you Magic Inlay. Choose from three fantasy environments inhabited by magical creatures to challenge your jewel arrangement skills.
Magic Inlay Download Buy Full Version

Funny Fives 1.0 (XDGames) Price: $10
Funny Fives is challenging puzzle game. Here the player can use fast but simple logic to arrange different colored stones of varying colors into rows, columns or diagonal lines.
Funny Fives Download Buy Full Version

BubbleKing 2.65 (yx2004) Price: $14.95
BubbleKing is a unique interesting puzzle game that test your strategy. It has three different levels of difficulty , this makes it suitable for all people from children to strategists who enjoy the challenge.
BubbleKing Download Buy Full Version

OrdKejsaren (GAMEON) Price: $19.95
OrdKejsaren ?r ett nytt och f?ngslande ord och pusselspel! Vare sig du ?r ett stort korsordsfan eller inte, s? kommer du att gilla detta spel.
OrdKejsaren Download Buy Full Version

TriHalf (Mikhail Mashukov) Price: $10
TriHalf is a simple Tetris-like game where you stack figures, which consist from triangles.
TriHalf Download Buy Full Version

Chess (Lantern Games) Price: $7.95
Pull up a chair and play against one of the distinctive 11 computer opponents -- from the dazed Ian Woodstock to the pocket-protector-wearing Dexter Crick , or challenge a friend online with this impressive 3D Chess game.
Chess Download Buy Full Version

FruitMania Fun Forever 1.0.1 (SBB Games) Price: $17.95
Put your brain and wrist muscles to the test with this fast-paced puzzler. There is 9 different modes. Block, Rain, Continuous, Press, Fourtrix, Launch, Defend and Drop mode...
FruitMania Fun Forever Download Buy Full Version

Spubble 1.0 (Crystal Apple Software) Price: $19.99
Just match the 3 or more identical gems to get the points.
Spubble Download Buy Full Version

Elite Mahjong 1.0 ( Price: $14.95
Here will be...
Elite Mahjong Download Buy Full Version

Superblocks 1.0 ( Price: $14.95
Here will be...
Superblocks Download Buy Full Version

Pearls ( Price: $6.95
Pearls is a cute little puzzle game that gets really addictive, and pretty hard as you progress through the levels.
Pearls Download Buy Full Version

BoxZone (AWBlackSoft) Price: $18
BoxZone - A block pushing puzzle game. Written for MS-DOS (and runs in a Command Prompt on most NT, W200 and Xp machines). This purchase permits access to levels 30 and above.
BoxZone Download Buy Full Version

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