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Jewel Quest (GameHouse, Inc.) Price: $19.95
Explore the ancient ruins of Mayan civilization while discovering hidden treasures and priceless artifacts. In this unique new take on the classic-style matching game, you must rearrange valuable relics to turn sand tiles into gold.
Jewel Quest Download Buy Full Version

Penta Classic Game 1.3 (Roman Tabunnikov) Price: $9.95
The classic game: Tetris clone, 18 figures composed from 5 blocks each, 3 game modes, with different probability of figure's appearance, adjustable game field width (7, 10 and 12 blocks wide)...
Penta Classic Game Download Buy Full Version

Pirates of Treasure Island (RL Vision) Price: $19.95
Help Captain Gingerbeard and his crew to explore the ocean and find the legendary fortunes of Treasure Island.
Pirates of Treasure Island Download Buy Full Version

Arrows Puzzle 1.0 (GULNY Games) Price: $19.95
Arrows Puzzle is an exciting game based on many old and forgotten games. Each and every in the family will enjoy Arrows Puzzle game. It is for those who want to puzzle brains with finding solutions to fascinating logical problems with arrows.
Arrows Puzzle Download Buy Full Version

Planet Buster (Jolly Bear Studios) Price: $19.95
Our solar system is on the brink of annihilation. Planet Buster bombs have been dropped on every planet. Time is running out. Use your mind and your ship's scanners to clear each planet of bombs before it's too late.
Planet Buster Download Buy Full Version

Balloon Blast 1.0 (Dekovir Entertainment) Price: $19.95
Balloons are attacking! Blast the groups of the same color. Collect rockets and megabombs - and save the day with them at the right moment.
Balloon Blast Download Buy Full Version

Addicting Clicking (RealApex) Price: $9.95
This addicting game can be intresting for everyone who wanna became smarter. This puzzle game is very useful for kids, they'll play in addicting game and develop memory and attention at the same time. Let's train your brain in this puzzle.
Addicting Clicking Download Buy Full Version

9.95 MAHJONG for Pocket PC (9.95 SOFT) Price: $9.95
9.95 MAHJONG brings the excitement of solitaire Mahjong to your Pocket PC handheld.
9.95 MAHJONG for Pocket PC Download Buy Full Version

VortHex (Jolly Bear Studios) Price: $19.95
Multi-colored hexagonal tiles are plunging towards the VortHex. Destroy them all before they overwhelm you. Three skill levels and 3 action packed game modes to challenge your speed and your mind.
VortHex Download Buy Full Version

ANOTHERBALL (pda-softwares Pty Ltd) Price: $14.95
Finally you have your favourite Arkanoid for Palm OS! We offer you the AnotherBall game for Palm OS, which is a classic game with a lots of bonuses and exciting levels.
ANOTHERBALL Download Buy Full Version

Another Ball Magic (pda-softwares Pty Ltd) Price: $14.95
Pocket PC game, which is a classic game with attractive magic interface and lots of different bonuses and exciting levels.
Another Ball Magic Download Buy Full Version

BOULDERMAZZZE (pda-softwares Pty Ltd) Price: $14.14
To get all diamonds the Mole has to pass through complicated labyrinths, escape challenging traps, and solve numerous puzzles on his way.
BOULDERMAZZZE Download Buy Full Version

Speedy Games Pack (Speedy Games) Price: $19.95
Speedy Games Pack include several puzzle games such as Speedy Bubbles and Speedy Blocks. Combination of these genres give puzzle-lovers enjoyment of the game.
Speedy Games Pack Download Buy Full Version

Huzza Puzza 1.2 (Platon Butko) Price: $9.95 has released new game for Pocket PC device - Windows CE platform - Huzza Puzza. The game is colorful, addictive, logic and appropriate for any taste and age. The aim of the game is to pop all balls and get a high score.
Huzza Puzza Download Buy Full Version

Brain Gym 2 (BallShooter Games) Price: $24.99
Brain Gym 2: 1. Chukchi Kerling 2. BlackOut 3. Fast Swapper 4.
Brain Gym 2 Download Buy Full Version

Logic Trap (ForthTech Software) Price: $19.95
Do you have two minutes to read about one of the most exciting arcade games currently available for download on the Internet? Then let me start. Many folks like puzzles, but the problem with those is that sometimes thinking too much wears people out.
Logic Trap Download Buy Full Version

Edges 1.0 (Sugar Games) Price: $19.95
Think you are a puzzle expert? Not yet! Try our Edges, the hottest game of this season! Your key to success is to explode the maximum number of randomly appearing chips by adding your own to make a pattern.
Edges Download Buy Full Version

Binobix (Gamity) Price: $9.95
Binobix - an amusing mind bending game. Two game modes 'Single Level' and 'Missions' guarantee hours of fun. Dig out your old math skills and try to beat odds. You just have 10 camels to transport loads of building material.
Binobix Download Buy Full Version

Zuma Deluxe (PopCap Games) Price: $19.95
Own PopCap's latest smash hit! Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma in this thrilling action puzzler. Fire balls to make sets of three, but don't let them reach the golden skull or you're history! Don't delay...
Zuma Deluxe Download Buy Full Version

AstroPop Deluxe (PopCap Games) Price: $19.95
Blast off with earth-shattering arcade puzzle action! Match four bricks, use combos and powerups and unleash your SUPA weapon to score big points! Two game modes: - Classic: Solve bonus puzzle levels...
AstroPop Deluxe Download Buy Full Version

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