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Amazing Kye 1.1 (TERMINAL studio) Price: $14.95
A modern-style implementation of the Kye game
Amazing Kye Download Buy Full Version

Pocket BrickShooter 2.2 (TERMINAL studio) Price: $14.95
Pocket BrickShooter is a uniquely challenging puzzle game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. (For Windows Powered PDAs)
Pocket BrickShooter Download Buy Full Version

Renex 3.0.002 (Alexander Militsin) Price: $14.99
puzzle game.You must line up 5 items of the same color either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally so that they will disappear
Renex Download Buy Full Version

Aqua Lines (Alexander Militsin) Price: $19.95
puzzle game. Balls are swimming in a water, making amazing waves.
Aqua Lines Download Buy Full Version

VMCoolumns (AxySoft) Price: $14.95
VMCoolumns is an original, new type of logic game.
VMCoolumns Download Buy Full Version

'Digits' Puzzle Game (SaM-Solutions) Price: $9.95
Combine and remove chains of numbers in this simple puzzle game.
'Digits' Puzzle Game Download Buy Full Version

Wishido (Raimonds Rudmanis) Price: $15
Puzzle where you attempt to match stones according to their colors and patterns
Wishido Download Buy Full Version

Amusing Balls (Amusing Software) Price: $10
Puzzle game with many possibilities. Consist of five different games. Many skins, set of figures, tables, sounds schemes.
Amusing Balls Download Buy Full Version

AfriTris (gaimplay) Price: $12.95
AfriTris is a block-matching game with an African theme, built with fun and addiction in mind! For all puzzle game and Tetris fans.
AfriTris Download Buy Full Version

Jewels of the Oracle (Harmony Interactive Inc.) Price: $24.95
24 Strategy/ puzzles in this fully animated CD ROM. Set in Pre-Sumerian archeological setting. Suitable for Teens and Adults. (Non-violent)
Jewels of the Oracle Download Buy Full Version

Karma, Curse of the 12 Caves (Harmony Interactive Inc.) Price: $24.95
Strategy/ puzzle CD ROM, fully animated. Set in ancient Oriental caves. Suitable for Teens and Adults. (Non-violent)
Karma, Curse of the 12 Caves Download Buy Full Version

Super Marble Solitaire (Wrenware) Price: $19
A strategy game where the object is to remove all the marbles except for one.
Super Marble Solitaire Download Buy Full Version

Turn Those Lights Off! (Wrenware) Price: $9
Find the combination that turns off all the lights.
Turn Those Lights Off! Download Buy Full Version

2D-LomTRIXX (Lomax Software / Voeing) Price: $19.95
This game is a one- or two-player Tetris (tm) in SVGA.
2D-LomTRIXX Download Buy Full Version

3D-LomTris (Lomax Software / Voeing) Price: $19.95
3D-LomTris is a game that features the Tetris (tm) style, but in 3D!
3D-LomTris Download Buy Full Version

Magics I (Lomax Software / Voeing) Price: $9.95
THREE strategy games in one
Magics I Download Buy Full Version

Farocar (Lomax Software / Voeing) Price: $19.95
Strategy game with 200 mind-bending levels and incredible MIDI sound track
Farocar Download Buy Full Version

Diamco (Lomax Software / Voeing) Price: $19.95
Stragegy game with 60 word-wrenching levels and cool MIDI sound track
Diamco Download Buy Full Version

Lomax ColTris (Lomax Software / Voeing) Price: $19.95
ColTris features both styles of Tetris and Columns
Lomax ColTris Download Buy Full Version

Bubble Strike 2001 (Sontrex Software) Price: $19.95
Extended version of well known game with colored balls alignment
Bubble Strike 2001 Download Buy Full Version

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