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Japanolle (Yavsoft) Price: $11.95
Computer version of a popular puzzle
Japanolle Download Buy Full Version

3D Soma Puzzle (Yavsoft) Price: $9
A highly addictive three-dimensional puzzle classic.
3D Soma Puzzle Download Buy Full Version

5 Star Word Engine 3.2 (Yavsoft) Price: $14.95
An addictive word-game. Create the longest possible word from a randomly selected set of letters.
5 Star Word Engine Download Buy Full Version

Alive! Jigsaw 6.9 (Yavsoft) Price: $24.9
Turn your videos and pictures into jigsaw puzzles.
Alive! Jigsaw Download Buy Full Version

Bursting Bubbles Deluxe 3.0 (Big Fish Games) Price: $19.95
Play Bursting bubbles for delightful puzzle game entertainment and puzzle game fun.
Bursting Bubbles Deluxe Download Buy Full Version

Absurd Atlantis Deluxe (Big Fish Games) Price: $19.95
This is a wacky puzzle game that combines puzzles, arcade action and strategic thinking to be successful.
Absurd Atlantis Deluxe Download Buy Full Version

Mahjong Holidays (Big Fish Games) Price: $9.95
Great mahjong game with a holiday twist. Great holiday music, tiles and more.
Mahjong Holidays Download Buy Full Version

Mahjong Valentines (Big Fish Games) Price: $9.95
This Valentines version of mahjongg will delight even non-mahjong lovers.
Mahjong Valentines Download Buy Full Version

Mahjongg Easter (Big Fish Games) Price: $14.95
If you love to play mahjong solitaire games, you will be delighted to match tiles with a Easter motif.
Mahjongg Easter Download Buy Full Version

Eidetic memory training (Serge Mikhaylov) Price: $15
Computers draw different pictures and you memorize them.
Eidetic memory training Download Buy Full Version

Davinchi memory training (Serge Mikhaylov) Price: $15
The player tries to memorize all the shown lines and the location of each image.
Davinchi memory training Download Buy Full Version

SnowTris (Serge Mikhaylov) Price: $15
SnowTris Download Buy Full Version

Ru_ru (Serge Mikhaylov) Price: $15
You should obtain matching of the picture using a mouse and directing arrows
Ru_ru Download Buy Full Version

Amazing Squares (Novastorm Entertainment) Price: $9.95
A Falling block game
Amazing Squares Download Buy Full Version

Gemini Tria-Geometric Puzzle (Sejika Software) Price: $19.99
Gemini is a puzzle game that challenges you to flip and spin the pieces to get them to line up the right way.
Gemini Tria-Geometric Puzzle Download Buy Full Version

Scatoms (Big Fish Games) Price: $19.95
Crazy puzzle game mayhem. Clear the scattered atoms off the board by grouping them.
Scatoms Download Buy Full Version

Big Balloon Blowout (Big Fish Games) Price: $19.95
Balloons, clowns, and cartoon buzzards....what more could you want?
Big Balloon Blowout Download Buy Full Version

Drip Drop (PHELIOS Inc.) Price: $10
Call the plumber, quick! Hear it? DRIP DROP!
Drip Drop Download Buy Full Version

QBz (Skunk Studios, LLC.) Price: $19.95
QBz is a fast-paced puzzle game set to heart pumping beats. QBz together!
QBz Download Buy Full Version

CLICKENZEE 1.0 (Ned) Price: $14.95
Clear the board in this addictive puzzle game.
CLICKENZEE Download Buy Full Version

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