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Hexagon (Funlogic) Price: $9.9
Hexagon has improved the concept of Minesweeper into a totally new game. It features new cell shapes and combinations, beautiful graphics, and different levels that boost the gameplay!
Hexagon Download Buy Full Version

Code (Funlogic) Price: $9.9
Code is a NEW puzzle game with simple rules, rich graphics and addictive gameplay!
Code Download Buy Full Version

Mad Dummy (Sapphire Games) Price: $12.5
The original puzzle set on the base of multi-colored crossing circles.
Mad Dummy Download Buy Full Version

Onefog Ballines 1.2 (Onefog Games) Price: $12
Onefog Ballines is unique logic game will grasp your attention!
Onefog Ballines Download Buy Full Version

Hangman millennium (Orcun Colak) Price: $10
A colorful and joyful word game for any age.
Hangman millennium Download Buy Full Version

PuzzleDROP! ( Price: $10
This is an animated version of the popular single player column game.
PuzzleDROP! Download Buy Full Version

Uhfgames Puzzle Pack (Keith Weatherby II) Price: $5
Uhfgames puzzle pack - Two great puzzle games in one great package!
Uhfgames Puzzle Pack Download Buy Full Version

CellFighter (AKA ALife GameStation) 2.04 (Asterisk Software) Price: $9.95
An amusing extension of the Game of Life: fidgety swarms of tiny critters wage a war against each other, and you takes part in this battle in real time as a commander of your own living army
CellFighter (AKA ALife GameStation) Download Buy Full Version

Daisy Slider Puzzle 1.3 (ELGear Software) Price: $12.5
A goal of this puzzle is arrangement of rectangular pieces of a picture or numbered pieces.
Daisy Slider Puzzle Download Buy Full Version

Alhademic Lines (Alhademic Group) Price: $14
Logic game in which you are to move balls over board in assembling figures.
Alhademic Lines Download Buy Full Version

Blocks eXterminator 1.2 (Alhademic Group) Price: $14
Blocks eXterminator - is a logical game on each level of which you are to form pairs of identical colour blocks.
Blocks eXterminator Download Buy Full Version

A-MindPack (Alhademic Group) Price: $29
Five exciting games as entertainment pack.
A-MindPack Download Buy Full Version

Bundle-1 (AL+BX) (Alhademic Group) Price: $23
Bundle of: Alhademic Lines and Blocks eXterminator
Bundle-1 (AL+BX) Download Buy Full Version

Color Spreading 1.1 (Alhademic Group) Price: $10
Addictive, original, simple - try out to arrange balls onto respective cells!
Color Spreading Download Buy Full Version

Bundle-2 (AL+CS) (Alhademic Group) Price: $19
Bundle of: Alhademic Lines and Color Spreading
Bundle-2 (AL+CS) Download Buy Full Version

Bundle-3 (BX+CS) (Alhademic Group) Price: $19
Bundle of: Blocks eXterminator and Color Spreading
Bundle-3 (BX+CS) Download Buy Full Version

Gems 3D Puzzle Game 2.8 (Max I. Fomitchev) Price: $15
Puzzle / Logic Game, Lines Clone
Gems 3D Puzzle Game Download Buy Full Version

PuzzleJig 1.42 (Andrey Krutikov) Price: $12.95
PuzzleJig is cool jigsaw game for Windows with a lot of features for you.
PuzzleJig Download Buy Full Version

JongPuzzle 3.55 (Andrey Krutikov) Price: $11.95
JongPuzzle it is the game similar on mahjong.
JongPuzzle Download Buy Full Version

9Squares 2.0 (Andrey Krutikov) Price: $9.95
The 9Squares is a fun arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.
9Squares Download Buy Full Version

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