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MineField 2.01 (Positech Computing) Price: $14.95
Clear the field of mines in visually stunning puzzle game
MineField Download Buy Full Version

Jigs@w Puzzle Entry version (Tibo Software) Price: $9.95
Everything you need to play and create great-looking puzzles
Jigs@w Puzzle Entry version Download Buy Full Version

Bubblets (oopdreams software, inc.) Price: $15
Highly addictive puzzle game
Bubblets Download Buy Full Version

Flip 'Em 3D (Egerter Software) Price: $9.95
The classic game of Reversi with 3D graphics
Flip 'Em 3D Download Buy Full Version

Amazing Kye Pocket Edition (Terminal Studio) Price: $14.95
Solve this fascinating set of 50 challenging puzzles of increasing difficulty!
Amazing Kye Pocket Edition Download Buy Full Version

Wild Flipout (Gamers Den) Price: $12
Wild Flipout is puzzle game where you must flip tiles into the correct position to recreate a picture.
Wild Flipout Download Buy Full Version

Universal Slider (Gamers Den) Price: $12
Universal Slider is a merger of the classic sliding puzzle game and 21st century technology.
Universal Slider Download Buy Full Version

PROcessu Memory Game W (Virtual PROcessu Informatica Lda) Price: $13.2
The PROcessu Memory Game 2.0 is more than a memory game.
PROcessu Memory Game W Download Buy Full Version

Brainitching (Virtual PROcessu Informatica Lda) Price: $6.9
Brainitching is a memory game which you play against your PDA on an 6 x 7 grid.
Brainitching Download Buy Full Version

PROcessu Memory Game POS (Virtual PROcessu Informatica Lda) Price: $6.9
It is a concentration style game which you play against your Palm.
PROcessu Memory Game POS Download Buy Full Version

Misfortune (Chamberland Technology Group, Inc.) Price: $4.99
Its the puzzle game everyone loves!
Misfortune Download Buy Full Version

Pocket BlockOut (BallShooter Games) Price: $12
The original and qualify logic game. Toss identical color blocks into pairs.
Pocket BlockOut Download Buy Full Version

Pocket Lines (BallShooter Games) Price: $14
This is well known game where you must arrange the colored balls on a board.
Pocket Lines Download Buy Full Version

Brain Gym (BallShooter Games) Price: $24.95
Gymnastics for your Brain.
Brain Gym Download Buy Full Version

BrickSlider CE 2.00 (BallShooter Games) Price: $14.95
Clear the board from bricks using another bricks. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
BrickSlider CE Download Buy Full Version

Magic Sokoban Gold 2.0 (StrongGames) Price: $14.95
Magic Sokoban is a classical puzzle game. Colorful 3D realistic visualization.
Magic Sokoban Gold Download Buy Full Version

StrongGammon II (StrongGames) Price: $19.95
StrongGammon is a classical board game - Backgammon.
StrongGammon II Download Buy Full Version

Crazy Minesweeper 2.04 (Astatix Software) Price: $14.95
Crazy variation on the original minesweeper.
Crazy Minesweeper Download Buy Full Version

Overload 1.32 (Astatix Software) Price: $14.95
Overload is a new generation logic game.Supported deathmatch
Overload Download Buy Full Version

Aba Daba Deluxe (Astatix Software) Price: $5.95
Aba Daba Deluxe is a five-in-a-row tic tac toe with modern interface & different skins.
Aba Daba Deluxe Download Buy Full Version

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