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BrickAttack (XDGames) Price: $11.95
Attack the field by matching same-colored bricks!
BrickAttack Download Buy Full Version

Block Out (XDGames) Price: $12
This game is a three-dimensional tetris - the glass into which fall figures.
Block Out Download Buy Full Version

Space Pyramids 1.00 (XDGames) Price: $10.99
You have to build solar batteries on the flying station or you will be dead.
Space Pyramids Download Buy Full Version

Amazing Blocks II (XDGames) Price: $11.95
Amazing Blocks II is 3D version of the popular Amazing Blocks game.
Amazing Blocks II Download Buy Full Version

Marble Box (XDGames) Price: $11.95
Marble Box is the ultimate 3D puzzle game.
Marble Box Download Buy Full Version

Puzzle RailRoad 1.0 (XDGames) Price: $12.95
A brand new fun game for those who enjoy train puzzles!
Puzzle RailRoad Download Buy Full Version

QuadroX 2.2 (TERMINAL Studio) Price: $16
Piece together diffrent shapes to make a square.
QuadroX Download Buy Full Version

Nuclear Accident (TERMINAL Studio) Price: $10
An extraordinary remake of the classical minesweeper game.
Nuclear Accident Download Buy Full Version

Crossing3D (RealApex) Price: $12.95
Crossing 3D is a game you can belong to the category of classical clicking games. But the main thing which is differ from other standard clicking games is its not standard rules. The game is very attractive because of 2 parameters: original idea and high
Crossing3D Download Buy Full Version

Blox World (RealApex) Price: $14.95
Blox World - the whole world united the majority features of the last tetris games. It was collected in one game some most famous tetrises. We developed the tetris game in which we have left the main idea of original tetris, added a lot of the newest, the
Blox World Download Buy Full Version

Christmas Tale (Alive Games) Price: $14.95
Christmas Tale is a logic puzzle game. A puzzler's delight!
Christmas Tale Download Buy Full Version

Christmas RotoBlox (Alive Games) Price: $9.95
Christmas RotoBlox is a collection of different Tetris-clone games. It includes Classic Tetris, Advanced Tetris, Pentix, Advanced Pentix, Kid and Advanced Kid.
Christmas RotoBlox Download Buy Full Version

Christmas Tale Old (Alive Games) Price: $14.95
Christmas Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game for all family!
Christmas Tale Old Download Buy Full Version

ColoBlox (Alive Games) Price: $14.95
ColorBlox is a fun entertainment puzzle game.
ColoBlox Download Buy Full Version

Smart Reversi (Alive Games) Price: $19.95
Match wits with your computer and lose.
Smart Reversi Download Buy Full Version

Advanced Gomoku (Alive Games) Price: $19.95
Advanced Gomoku is a variant of ancient logical game
Advanced Gomoku Download Buy Full Version

Copperflow Game Collection with Cipher, CribSol, and PokerSol (Copperflow Solutions / Capella Systems Group, Inc.) Price: $8
Copperflow Game Collection with Cipher --
Copperflow Game Collection with Cipher, CribSol, and PokerSol Download Buy Full Version

Puzzle Balls (e-FunSoft) Price: $9.95
Puzzle Balls is a word logic and puzzle game combo!
Puzzle Balls Download Buy Full Version

Hangman The Wild West (e-FunSoft) Price: $5
A new style of the classic Hangman game!
Hangman The Wild West Download Buy Full Version

Master o' Mind (e-FunSoft) Price: $9.95
A new style of the popular Mastermind game!
Master o' Mind Download Buy Full Version

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