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AeroSim YS-11 Collection for FS2002

Add-on for Microsoft FS2002, Collection of NAMC YS-11

AeroSim YS-11 Collection for FS2002 Download

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Description of AeroSim YS-11 Collection for FS2002:

NAMC YS-11 is a twin-turboprop airliner, Japan's first post-war commercial aircraft. This downloadable product is the derivative product of AeroSim's boxed CD "YS-11, The Wings of Japan". This brings you TEN of the NAMC YS-11 aircraft, including first prototype YS-11, which was used for test and demonstrtion flight. It also includes N259P of Piedmont Airlines that flew in the States, and N112MP of Mid Pacific Air that flew in the Pacific. Aircraft has highly detailed YS-11 3D Virtual Cockpit, and overhead console (2D) for realistic engine start sequence. Scenery/Adventure not included.

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