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Responsible Allowance

Interactive Money Management/Allowance Program for children 7-18. Teaching children how to manage their money and be more responsible.

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Description of Responsible Allowance:

Responsible allowance is an interactive Money Management / Allowance computer program for children(ages 7-18). This program is an application program (NOT A SPREADSHEET) made up of charts, reminders, logs, databases, calculators, password-protected data, calendar for planning, and much more. Responsible allowance is a program made for households that issue allowance, but can also be used in households that does not. This program is made to adjust to the income of the family. Although most of the objectives of this program can still be met without entering a money amount or distributing money to the child, you must remember, in order for the child to be able to manage their money, the child will need a steady inflow of money

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