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HerbDiet Pro (SoftTcm) Price: $89.98
HerbDiet is based on the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, collects essential herbal diets that hand down since ancient time, combines with research achievements of modern nutriology and dietetic therapeutics.
HerbDiet Pro Download Buy Full Version

Chinese Herbs 101 2.0 ( Price: $34.95
Chinese Herbs 101 2.0 is the quickest, most entertaining and versatile way to learn the California State Board herbs required for attaining an acupuncture license. Play cards and learn herbs. Study them in a slideshow.
Chinese Herbs 101 Download Buy Full Version

My Blood Pressure Wellness (Software By Matrix Inc.) Price: $24.95
My Wellness is a Personal Blood Pressure Wellness tracking system with graphing to track progress for health tests, feelings nutrition and diet.
My Blood Pressure Wellness Download Buy Full Version

My Blood Sugar Wellness (Software By Matrix Inc.) Price: $24.95
My Wellness is a Personal Blood Sugar Wellness tracking system with graphing to track progress for health tests, feelings nutrition and diet.
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Cook'n Recipe Collector (Software & Protection Beisheim e.K.) Price: $19.9
The easiest way to sort your collected and new recipes! Main functions: Archive printed recipes (magazines, books, ring binders) Archive digital recipes (from internet, etc.
Cook'n Recipe Collector Download Buy Full Version

axSoft Speech Corrector (axSoft Laboratories) Price: $25
Speech corrector can be used by people who have stuttering problem to control their fluency. It provides DAF (delayed auditory feedback) method. That method has been applied in the therapy of stuttering people for a long time.
axSoft Speech Corrector Download Buy Full Version

Aromatherapy (Zentrum Publishing) Price: $15
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils lists aromatic oils and indications.
Aromatherapy Download Buy Full Version

Desktop Health Records Software (IdeaTalent LLC) Price: $16
DeskTop Health Records is a downloadable application that runs on your PC with no connection to the Internet. Provides total privacy of data. Keep track of Doctor's visits, their comments, your comments, specialist info, drugs info,phone numbers.
Desktop Health Records Software Download Buy Full Version

My Wellness (Software By Matrix Inc.) Price: $29.95
My Wellness is designed to be an aid to helping you in managing your daily medical requirements and help you improve your lifestyle through improved wellness.
My Wellness Download Buy Full Version

Stretch Break for Mac (Para Technologies) Price: $44.95
Reminds you to take stretch breaks to avoid RSIs. Animated figures show you how. Reduce stress and muscle and joint aches. Includes ErgoHints workstation setup guide and eye exercises.
Stretch Break for Mac Download Buy Full Version

Headache with Acupuncture (OpenTCM) Price: $16
Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC This lecture is part of TCM internal medicine class, it brings up all the general TCM information for acupuncture treating headache. Headache is a common symptom in acupuncture clinics.
Headache with Acupuncture Download Buy Full Version

Out-patient Medical Record (OpenTCM) Price: $50
Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC. General introduction of objective for the four courses concerning "Chinese Medicine out-patient medical record", as well as the collecting of primary information about the patient.
Out-patient Medical Record Download Buy Full Version

Stretch Break (Para Technologies) Price: $44.95
Stretch Break is an ergonomic software program that helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) by gently reminding you to take periodic breaks while using your computer. Every 30 minutes (default) it asks your permission to show yoga-based stretches.
Stretch Break Download Buy Full Version

Optimism Depression Software (Crackatonic Projects) Price: $19.95
Optimism gives you a platform for actively learning about your depression. By monitoring the patterns in your life it helps you to see the various factors, internal and external, that impact on your mental health.
Optimism Depression Software Download Buy Full Version

Eye Care (CHINESE BLOG) Price: $29.95
'Eye Care' helps you avoid overstrain by locking your computer and forcing you to take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes. 'Eye Care' is highly customizable, allowing you to configure everything from break duration to sounds.
Eye Care Download Buy Full Version

Scenes of Nature (Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.) Price: $49.95
Take a short break as you escape to nature. Relax as you watch calming, professionally-photographed scenes displayed on your computer. The entire presentation runs on a 3-minute repeating loop.
Scenes of Nature Download Buy Full Version

Healthy Image Nutritional Software (ICC Software) Price: $49.95
New Healthy Image Nutritional Software is one of the easiest nutritional software application on the market, and it loaded with benefits and features.
Healthy Image Nutritional Software Download Buy Full Version

VoicePrism Stress Indicator (VoicePrism) Price: $29.95
Available for the first time to consumers, the Stress Indicator is a simple and effective way to help you identify and manage your daily stress.
VoicePrism Stress Indicator Download Buy Full Version

Calorie Balance Tracker (Calorie Balance Diet) Price: $30
Research has shown that keeping a journal makes dieters almost twice as successful as those who do not. This program makes keeping a diet journal easy, fast, and accurate. The program features a full fledged calorie counter with over 30,000 foods.
Calorie Balance Tracker Download Buy Full Version

Perfect Diet Tracker (Byoni Limited) Price: $24.95
Easy to use diet tracker application that will help you lose weight. Includes a database of over 7000 food items to get you started. No ongoing subscription fees. Free trial download. Available for Windows and Mac OS-X.
Perfect Diet Tracker Download Buy Full Version

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