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Bird Tracker

Bird Tracker for Windows is a complete and versatile Avian Management Program designed to meet the needs of all avian breeders. Bird Tracker Version 2.

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Description of Bird Tracker:

Bird Tracker for Windows is a complete and versatile Avian Management Program designed to meet the needs of all avian breeders.

Bird Tracker Version 2.9 includes the following:

Screens to track birds, breeding results, and offspring
A screen to track the incubation of eggs
A screen to track offspring feedings and weight
A Species screen that is fully integrated with other screens in the program and preloaded with the genetics for 87 species
A Boarding/Breeding Loaner Screen
A Genetics Prediction screen that will predict the possible genetics for the offspring of a breeding pair
A Breeding Assistant screen that displays a selected bird's lineage and lists potential mates meeting your entered parameters
Invoice, Expenditure and Account screens
A Products and Services screen that is integrated with the Invoice and Expenditures Screens
A screen to take orders from customers
Barcode scanning of products onto the Invoice Screen
A screen to track show results for each bird
A screen for Contacts, Reference Material and Internet Sites
A screen to track routine tasks
A Calendar Screen
Mailing Labels can be printed from the Contacts screen
A Document creation screen with a self contained mail merge capability.
A Project creation and results tracking screen for tracking the results of a study on birds in the Flock records
An Ailment Screen to assist in identifying and treating avian diseases and problems.
Add unlimited photos to Flock and Offspring screens
Add business logo to Invoice Reports
Numerous reports, including Hatch Certificates with photos
Ability to create your own reports
Functions for adding bird pedigree and examination records
Functions for tracking fostered eggs, hatch date, banding date and fledging date Functions for tracking breeding lines
Group e-mailing function
Function to export to MS E89.00

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