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i-Stealth Platinum

Monitor, filter, block internet content, monitor instant messages, email, files.

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Description of i-Stealth Platinum:

As parents of children who frequent the internet, we want to protect them, but we donBt want to take away the wealth of information that is available. I-Stealth allows you to decide what's appropriate. I-Stealth offers more features than any similar software available today. Whether you are a concerned parent or perhaps an employer who feels the need to monitor, filter or block internet activities, I-Stealth can be tailored to your specific needs.

I-Stealth will filter out inappropriate material according to your desired settings. Here are some of the exciting features this program has to offer: Take pictures of the screen at desired intervals, records instant messages, chats, email sent & received and file transfers, web sites and time spent online, e-mail reporting, filters web pages; prevents personal information from being sent, block specific web-sites or block according to content specified with pre-set keywords, keystroke logging, protect your system from others, set computer and internet time limits, monitor file activity, select custom messages to display when inappropriate material is found and more!

I-Stealth supports the following programs: AOL 6 & 7, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Internet Explorer 4+.

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