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OutLoud!(tm) German Phrasebook for Travelers (for HP 52*/54* series)

Speak German in a flash! Choose an English phrase from a menu of 400+ to instantly see, hear, and echo the same phrase in German. A great tool for business travelers and tourists.

OutLoud!(tm) German Phrasebook for Travelers (for HP 52*/54* series) Download

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Description of OutLoud!(tm) German Phrasebook for Travelers (for HP 52*/54* series):

" ...A thoroughly engaging and useful piece of software...a testament to good organization...Audio quality on our Compaq iPaq was as crisp and clear as the bells of Notre Dame... the perfect add-on if you're taking your PDA along on your trip."

It's a talking German Phrasebook for the Pocket PC with a pure native voice. The OutLoud!(tm) German Phrasebook provides just the help you need, just when you need it. In a flash, you can choose an English phrase, see its German translation, and hear the German spoken out loud through your Pocket PC speaker or earphone. Simply echo what you hear to express yourself with confidence, even if you haven't spoken German before.

The program contains over 400 common expressions linked to the situations you're most likely to experience as a business traveler or tourist in Germany, Austria, and other places where German is spoken. The phrases are worded for simplicity and ease of pronunciation. Once you make the effort to express yourself in their tongue, you'll find that others will go more than halfway to meet you, whether in your language, their language, or universal body language!

The OutLoud! German Phrasebook is designed foremost to help travelers manage common situations effectively in places where German is spoken. But the phrasebook also offers a lively introduction to the language and provides excellent practice in listening and pronunciation.

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