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Mathematical software with so many options regarding matrices,algebra,plot graphs,calculus,and evaluation of mathematical expressions.

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Mathematical software with so many options regarding matrices,algebra,plot graphs,calculus,and evaluation of mathematical expressions. Mathwizard has the mathematical powers of a top mathematical software yet you do not need to learn or type commands to use it.You use it as simple as a pocket calculator.It can be used from high school level to scientific university level to design and research levels >Matrices: .Can handle matrices of dimensions up to 12x12 .Store three matrices internally .Can perform the operations of add,subtract,multiply,inverse,determinant,l_shape matrice,u_shape matrice,transpose on any of the stored matrices .Can multiply and divide a matrice by a constant .Can solve a system of equations of up to eleven unknowns .Programmable .Records all operations done on matices and there results for a given matrices session .A matrices session can be saved,deleted or edited. .Easy to use. >Algebra: .Can store up to six functions internally .Can perform algebrically the operations of add,subtract,multiply divide any two functions .Can add and subtract algebriac fractions algebrically .Can find roots of an equation .Can factorize an algebriac equation .Programmable .Easy to use >Plot graphs: Has a one line texteditor that understands a simple function description language >Numeric calculus: Has a one line texteditor that understands a simple function description language >Evaluate function: Has a one line texteditor that understands a simple function description language

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