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Zoomer's Math Games (LatticeWork Software) Price: $14.95
A collection of five games which help children, ages 8 and up, with a variety of math skills.
Zoomer's Math Games Download Buy Full Version

VCR Thing (Spring Creek Software Company) Price: $10
Generate VCR Programming codes.
VCR Thing Download Buy Full Version

Smart Calculator (Yakshin Alexey) Price: $15
Smart Calculator is scientific calculator with many different features.
Smart Calculator Download Buy Full Version

Aepryus Calculator (Aepryus Software) Price: $20
32Bit Windows RPN Calculator
Aepryus Calculator Download Buy Full Version

Aepryus Graph (Aepryus Software) Price: $30
Function Plotting Software
Aepryus Graph Download Buy Full Version

einSTein (Lis Schmitz) Price: $35
Enhanced programmable RPN and expression calculator.
einSTein Download Buy Full Version

bravo! (Lis Schmitz) Price: $22
Enhanced RPN and trigonometric calculator.
bravo! Download Buy Full Version

meaSure (Lis Schmitz) Price: $6
Measure Converter
meaSure Download Buy Full Version

aSSo! (Lis Schmitz) Price: $30
Enhanced RPN and expression calculator.
aSSo! Download Buy Full Version

E.F.U.S. (Electrical Function Utility Suite) (Softcalc Designs LLC) Price: $34.95
Suite of 20 electrical calculators
E.F.U.S. (Electrical Function Utility Suite) Download Buy Full Version

Math Worm (Knowledge Probe Inc) Price: $7.5
A math puzzle where your worm navigates a maze. Mark its tunnel by completing arithmetic equations.
Math Worm Download Buy Full Version

The Math Slate (Seiche Development, Inc.) Price: $15.99
The Math Slate provides elementary school students with practice in the basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, through a simple, friendly interface that resembles a chalkboard. Teacher control is emphasized.
The Math Slate Download Buy Full Version

math_x.exe (Medlu Software) Price: $23
Statistics and Matrix Calculation
math_x.exe Download Buy Full Version

Brad's 2D - 3D Calculator (Brad's Math Physics Engineering Software) Price: $29.99
See Screen Shots shown below. Graph equations in 2D & 3D, curve fitting, spread sheet, physics & engineering constants & conversions, histograms, statistics.
Brad's 2D - 3D Calculator Download Buy Full Version

The Complete Math Game (The Complete Math Game) Price: $5
A Educational Math Program to help kids.
The Complete Math Game Download Buy Full Version

CalcSupreme 1.28 (Syringa Software, Inc.) Price: $28
Comprehensive basic, financial, math/science/engineering, and logic calculations
CalcSupreme Download Buy Full Version

CalcSupreme_Network (Syringa Software, Inc.) Price: $28
Comprehensive basic, finance, math/sci/engr, logic calculations [network lic]
CalcSupreme_Network Download Buy Full Version

Invision Graph Calculator (Chambers) Price: $29
Analyze mathematical functions with high-quality graphs and a calculus menu.
Invision Graph Calculator Download Buy Full Version

Jacob's Math Training (Jakmatte AB) Price: $27.5
Improve your arithmetic skills with this adaptive application.
Jacob's Math Training Download Buy Full Version

Krypto Solver (ParaMetrica Inc.) Price: $20
Krypto is a card game used often times to help students learn their math facts
Krypto Solver Download Buy Full Version

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