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SpaceCAD 2.1.2

SpaceCAD model rocket software to design and build flying model rockets

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Description of SpaceCAD 2.1.2:

SpaceCAD is the complete solution to design and build your model rockets. The powerful SpaceCAD design software enables you to build a stable rocket in minutes. And with the simple click of a button you can then find out how high the rocket will fly.

SpaceCAD supports you in actually building the rocket by providing extensive print features, like a fin alignment guide or the parachute pattern printer. Additionally, a two-paged printout can be made that describes all the rocket's features.

The SpaceCAD key unlocks the freely downloadable demo version and enables you to print your model rocket's data and use all features of the SpaceCAD motor database (add and remove engines). If you order the SpaceCAD key now (no physical shipment), you save US$ 5 from the suggested retail price of US$ 39.95!

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