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HelloDevice IDE (Sena Technologies) Price: $499
A general TCP/IP-based client software development tool for device communication
HelloDevice IDE Download Buy Full Version

Internet Sharing Software CCProxy (Youngzsoft) Price: $49.95
It's a small proxy server software for windows.
Internet Sharing Software CCProxy Download Buy Full Version

Dialer Queen 1.4 (Elibriz Software) Price: $24.95
Automated internet dialer. Skins and plugins support, keeps logs, autoredial...
Dialer Queen Download Buy Full Version

Softick PPP 2.07 (Softick) Price: $24.95
Softick PPP allows to estaiblish PPP connection between desktop PC and Palm PDA by using USB connection
Softick PPP Download Buy Full Version

Speedy Web Navigator (Eric Dysinger) Price: $15.95
Speedy Web Navigator has three features to speed up your web surfing, an IP/DNS Optimizer, a Dial-Up Optimizer, and an Ad Blocker.
Speedy Web Navigator Download Buy Full Version

Accelerate 2000 (Webroot Software, Inc) Price: $19.95
Internet Speed Optimizer for Windows
Accelerate 2000 Download Buy Full Version

Accelerate 2K2 (Webroot Software, Inc) Price: $19.95
Accelerate 2K2 can speed up your Internet connection performance by modifying Windows settings for data transfer over modem/network connections. This means you could receive downloads, view Web Sites, and experience Internet performance with much greater
Accelerate 2K2 Download Buy Full Version

Download Minder - FULL (Zubair Khan) Price: $22
An ingenious utility that detect downloads from a large and expanding collection of applications and disconnects when the Downloads are complete, see the full description to see what more it can do.
Download Minder - FULL Download Buy Full Version

freeON (Adjunga, LLC) Price: $14.95
AOL Disconection Stopper and Companion Utility
freeON Download Buy Full Version

freeON Universal Anti-Timer (Adjunga, LLC) Price: $19.95
Keeps your Internet service from disconnecting you.
freeON Universal Anti-Timer Download Buy Full Version

Connect Force - Connection Transfer Utility (Ruksun Software Technologies) Price: $5
Connection Transfer Utility
Connect Force - Connection Transfer Utility Download Buy Full Version

Connect Force (v1.0p) (Ruksun Software Technologies) Price: $15
Internet Connection Wizard
Connect Force (v1.0p) Download Buy Full Version

Nexus Mainframe Terminal 5.60 (Nexus Integration) Price: $40
Enjoy Windows 3270/5250/VT/ANSI terminal and printer emulation
Nexus Mainframe Terminal Download Buy Full Version

Quick3270 (DN-Computing) Price: $35
3270/5250 terminal emulator
Quick3270 Download Buy Full Version

Quick3270 100 User License (DN-Computing) Price: $2
Quick3270 - 3270/5250 terminal emulator for Windows
Quick3270 100 User License Download Buy Full Version

AutoDialer 2001 (Duane Klipping) Price: $12.95
This program will keep you connected to the net by detecting disconnections and by using your existing dial-up-networking reconnect you to your ISP
AutoDialer 2001 Download Buy Full Version

Ad Close (Renat Gainutdinov) Price: $14.95
Automatical popup killing utility.
Ad Close Download Buy Full Version

QuickDialer (Alexander Alexandrovitch Ponomarenko) Price: $16
Smart Dial-Up networking dialer
QuickDialer Download Buy Full Version

CuentaPasos (envio por correo electronico) (Manuel Tobarra) Price: $22
Control de Gasto Telefonico y de Internet
CuentaPasos (envio por correo electronico) Download Buy Full Version

CuentaPasos (actualizacion) (Manuel Tobarra) Price: $12
Actualizacion para usuarios registrado de CuentaPasos
CuentaPasos (actualizacion) Download Buy Full Version

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