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EasyLinkMail links multiple emails of the same topic into one email. It offers a great and easy way to organize and view emails by participants and topics. Simply point to an email and click "View Thread".

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EasyLinkMail links multiple emails of the same topic into one email. It offers a great and easy way to organize and view emails by participants and topics. Simply point to an email and click "View Thread". EasyLinkMail has the capability to thread multiple emails of the same topic into one single email. With our proprietary threading algorithm, EasyLinkMail can thread emails intelligently even when the subject or title lines are not the same. After the threading, duplicate entries are removed and the entries are organized in chronological order. It is easy to find out who said what and when in one email. Time is no longer wasted sifting through duplicate, forwarded emails and multiple replies or having to manually reconstruct various email threads. If you are an organizer of clubs, special interest groups, technical support groups, planning group activities, investigation or legal services you will find EasyLinkMail indispensible.

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