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Inbox Protector

A Spam filter for Microsoft Outlook 2000

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Description of Inbox Protector:

Inbox Protector Download

Inbox Protector is a Microsoft Outlook add-in, which integrates seamlessly with Outlook giving users a fast and easy way to remove unwanted junk mail from their inbox. A range of settings can be used to customize the program to meet your specific needs.

Giving you the power to quickly and easily avoid the hassle of spam, junk mail, and unwanted email. Inbox Protector is a Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002 (XP) and Outlook Express anti spam filter, which scans incoming email, redirecting unwanted junk mail and spam to a separate folder for later inspection if necessary. Allowing you to stop spam email for good.

A full range of settings allows you to customize Inbox Protector to meet your specific needs. Incoming junk mail is categorized into content specific groups, giving you the ability to determine how much of each group you want to filter.

To ensure that newsletters and mailing lists, which may contain email spam related content, are not filtered out as junk mail or spam, you have the ability to keep an ongoing list of senders, which Inbox Protector will recognize as valid. Additionally, you have the option to filter out specific senders, regardless of the email content.

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