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Independent EAutoRespond

Independent EAutoRespond is a simple to install automatic responder system.

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Description of Independent EAutoRespond:

This list is only limited by your own creativity. Here's just a few of the benefits and uses our many satisfied customers are putting their autoresponders to:
  • Sales Tool
    Why sit around waiting for a prospects e-mail to arrive? Use your autoresponder as a sales tool. Write multiple automated follow-ups and sell your products and services automatically, 24hrs a day 365 days a year!
  • After Sales Service
    Follow-Up with your customers after closing a sale to make sure they're happy with what they have purchased. You can also use this technique to inform them of any new products, services or special deals that you have available.
  • Up-Selling
    Entice customers who purchased basic packages from you, to upgrade to ones with more features or facilities, by sending them a series of up-sell messages.
  • Educational Program
    Your autoresponder can send a series of tutorials or reports to your subscribers on a frequent basis, determined by you. A great way to increase sales and traffic.
As you've probably gathered by now, with our autoresponder software you'll save a tremendous amount of time, and end up with a much healthier Bank Balance at the end of the month!

Features Include:

  • Easy to set-up and configure in 10 minutes.
  • User friendly Admin Control Panel
  • Installs and runs on your web site with no extra monthly charges.
  • No limits to the amount of email you can send.
  • No limit on the number of autoresponders, each with their own customizable "thank-you" pages, "From" address and followups.
  • No limit on the number of follow up messages - schedule as many emails as you want!
  • Full personalization - every part of every follow-up message can be personalized
  • A single click unsubscribe link can be added to all your follow-up messages.
  • Send reports to administrator.
  • Fastest mailing algorythm possible - it sends up to 600 emails a minute.
  • Importing email lists.
  • Exporting active pros49.95

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