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Public Desktop is a very simple yet extremely handy remote desktop monitoring software utility that can be a real lifesaver.

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Description of Public Desktop:

Public Desktop is a very simple yet extremely handy remote desktop monitoring software utility that can be a real lifesaver. Installing the software allows you to view desktops of other computers that have Public Desktop or let your PC monitor to be seen by others real-time. The range of possible applications for this utility is virtually unlimited. Working moms and dads can use the program in the office to view what their kids are doing with a computer at home to make sure they don't play games for too long and don't view adult sites or chat with strangers. Managers can use Public Desktop as an effective enforcement mechanism to eliminate excessive Internet use, playing games, slacking or to stop any other PC use that violates company policies. Simply getting the workers to know that everything they do with their computers is being monitored increases productivity significantly. This utility can also be of great assistance to your IT staff members, since they will be able to see what that error message is or what the user is doing wrong, instead of asking a person to describe the problem over the phone or having to walk over to employee's desk each time something happens. Finally, the program can be used for distance learning as well.

The main advantage of the program over similar applications is Public Desktop's ease of use and low licensing costs. Really, what other remote monitoring solution features a four-button interface that even 70 year-old people find uncomplicated? Installing, setting up and deploying the program over the network is done within minutes. Public Desktop's price is only twenty dollars per single copy and steeply does down as the number of licenses ordered increases. The savings you generate by using Public Desktop in your office will probably pay for the software within a month or two. The program can be tried extensively free of charge to make sure it is fully compatible with your computer, firewall or network.

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