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BossKey for IE 1.1 (TOGSoft) Price: $11.99
This program helps you hide what you are surfing on net. You just click hot key, it will navigates some IE to another website you set. When it is safe, you can restore IE to what you visited before clicking hot key.
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OutBack Plus 5 ( Inc.) Price: $39.95
Protect your valuable Outlook data (email messages, contacts, tasks, email accounts, signatures, message rules, etc) with a simple to use backup and restore utility.
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iShield 1.0.85 (Guardware Inc) Price: $19.95
You will receive information electronically immediately after...
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ESP Monitoring Survailence (Horizon DataSys Inc.) Price: $19.95
ESP+ Monitoring is an transparent easy-to-use monitoring and surveillance tool for personal PCs. ESP+ captures all users activity on the PC - including screen capturing for visual surveillance.
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Window Protector (DVS) Price: $15
Features : Restrict access to Desktop and Start menu items. Restrict access of Network and Share Resources. Restrict access to Control Panel Items. Restrict access to selected drives Allow only selected programs to Run.
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Login King (SecureWORK Technology Group Limited) Price: $19.95
Too many passwords? Forgot your other eBay password? Tired of logging in all the time? Wouldn't it be great if ONE simple Pin Number (6-digit...
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NucleoTime 1.48 (AlfaSoft Research Labs) Price: $14.95
Most PC clocks show incorrect time. It may be off only by a few seconds or minutes. Some are off by hours. Few computers still live in the past century or in the future. Whats wrong with PC clock being wrong? Actually, a lot of things.
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Ad-Revo Banner Manager (Ad-Revo Inc,) Price: $39
Banner Manager is a robust ad server for managing advertising on your websites. Its features and functionality let you run highly targeted advertising campaigns from within an easy-to-use web-based user interface.
Ad-Revo Banner Manager Download Buy Full Version

AddrCleaner for WAB (LivePIM Software Inc.) Price: $16.95
AddrCleaner for WAB is a utility to find and remove duplicate records in the Windows address book used by Outlook Express ( also known as WAB ). It provides a user friendly interface to view and find the duplicate records easily in the address book.
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PlanetRemote Plus 2.01 (PlanetDNS) Price: $59.95
PlanetRemote allows you to take control of your computer and access your files remotely as if you were actually sitting right in front of it! You can control your computer using a standard web browser from any computer connected to the Internet or you...
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Asiloque 1.00 (IKLogos) Price: $29.95
The Asilolque enables effective storage of hundreds of favorite URL instead of piling them into flat text files. Asiloque has a database of URLs where folders are linked in a net.
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Belkasoft LinksManager 1.01 (Belkasoft) Price: $19.9
Belkasoft LinksManager is powerful easy-to-learn manager of Internet as well as custom (e.g.
Belkasoft LinksManager Download Buy Full Version

Mulgra (Sisot) Price: $19.95
Use SmartGrabber to save multimedia files embedded in a web page - quickly and conveniently. Save pictures, cascaded style sheets (CSS), scripts, Flash movies, QuickTime movies, RealPlayer movies and MediaPlayer movies.
Mulgra Download Buy Full Version

IP Detective Suite 2K 3.1 (IP Detective) Price: $19.95
IP Detective Suite is an IP monitoring program that reports your changing IP address to your ftp site, e-mails it to you and displays it on your desktop. This makes a perfect tool for remote connection with programs such as pcAnywhere.
IP Detective Suite 2K Download Buy Full Version

IPD 3.2 (IP Detective) Price: $14.95
IPD Personal with e-mail alert will notify you via e-mail of any changes in your dynamic IP address. You will have the option of sending having your new IP address sent to up to two e-mail addresses of your choice.
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IP Detective Suite XP 3.2 (IP Detective) Price: $19.95
IP Detective Suite is an IP monitoring program that reports your changing IP address to your ftp site, e-mails it to you and displays it on your desktop. This makes a perfect tool for remote connection with programs such as pcAnywhere.
IP Detective Suite XP Download Buy Full Version

Redirect Boss (SecureNETServer) Price: $10
All with No programming knowledge needed! This easy-to-use tool allows you to quickly create scripts that redirect your visitors to specific areas of your site based on the requested domain name.
Redirect Boss Download Buy Full Version

Gallery Designer (Koingo Software) Price: $29.95
You want to publish a web photo album, but don't have the know-how or time to manually code it? In minutes, Gallery Designer lets you feed in your photos, videos...
Gallery Designer Download Buy Full Version

OSAKit (AncientSoft) Price: $39.95
Have you ever dreamed of bringing your game or application online? Have you ever considered learning Flash or Java to make it happen? Or even hired a Flash or Java developer to port it for you? Want to save yourself the time...
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Dating Pro JUN.2006 (Pilot GROUP Ltd) Price: $299
dating script...
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