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Make your Salesforce calling campaigns better and faster with CallFRENZY - an enriched web browser designed specifically for Salesforce.

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Make your Salesforce calling campaigns better and faster with CallFRENZY - an enriched web browser designed specifically for Salesforce. With CallFRENZY organizations achieve successful, efficient Salesforce-driven calling campaigns without integrating Salesforce with their PBX. Based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer and .NET technology, the CallFRENZY web browser identifies names and phone numbers in Salesforce web pages. CallFRENZY can then present personalized scripts in pop-up panels that guide callers through each call. Calls can be automatically timed, rated, and logged for spreadsheet analysis. CallFRENZY auto-dials via your PC or SKYPE and provides digits to speed through dial-by-name company directories. Scripts : As you view the Salesforce Lead or Contact webpage for John Doe, personalized call scripts using John Doe's name, company, and phone number are displayed on demand in pop-up windows. CallFRENZY provides up to three scripts that are personalized by the CallFRENZY browser. For example, one script could be used for a conversation directly with the contact, a second might be a the voicemail message to be delivered, and the third might be a script for conversation with an administrator, family member or colleague. Call Log: Each call can optionally be automatically journaled with time of call, time-on-call, rating, caller, and contact information. The journal can be exported to a file for spreadsheet analysis. Dialing: CallFRENZY is an enhanced web browser that has been adapted for use with Salesforce to make calling campaigns more productive. It does not replace or change your normal browser in any way. It uses phone numbers to auto-dial through your PC or Skype. It translates names into telephone digits for company dial-by-name directories. Finally, it has a built in call timer. Window Layout: CallFRENZY uses sophisticated independent document windows for each script, call control, and browser.

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