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Mouse and Key Recorder

Store and Load recorded macros to named files and to one buffer file Open applications or switch to applications Carry out DOS commands Rename, delete, copy...

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Description of Mouse and Key Recorder:

Store and Load recorded macros to named files and to one buffer file
Open applications or switch to applications
Carry out DOS commands
Rename, delete, copy, compare and find files
Insert delays
Insert comments into the macro
Use a general delay between every line
Delay the start of the macro for minutes, hours or even days
Starting macros regularly by using the built in scheduler interface
Repeat macros (Loops)
Process conditions (If then else)
Compare texts (clipboard or direct)
Create random numbers and texts
Load and run several macros by a master macro
Set variables, increment, decrement, multiply and divide variables
Add commands for only the first, the second... or last loop
Use import-files and fill in the records from this file
Ask user for input
Check active window or button for synchronization
Check screen ranges for changes (waiting for changes)
Waiting for a finished Internet Explorer site download
Various mathematical and string commands
Edit the macro by using an integrated editor.
Use Command Line mode (including variable parameters)
Starting macros by Hotkeys
Use the 'Mouse and Key Recorder' as keystroke logger.
Supports all Windows Versions
ReplayOnly Mode and ReplayOnly Protected Mode

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