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PR-Pro by ThoughtOffice

PR Pro by ThoughtOffice - The Indispensable Idea Creation Engine for Public Relations, Marketing, or individual/group Brainstorming.

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Description of PR-Pro by ThoughtOffice:

PR Pro by ThoughtOffice - The Indispensable Idea Creation Engine for Public Relations, Marketing, or individual/group Brainstorming. ThoughtOffice uses word associations & image search to add a completely new degree of transformation and intensity to your creative & problem-solving processes. The included PR, Marketing, Writing, Public Speaking & Advertising modules guide PR Professionals in refining their campaigns or creating unique & memorable promotions. PR Pro is specifically designed to help you: Develop your brand, Enhance your market presence, Get into key accounts, Become recognized by investors, Turn aside competitive threats, Increase your market value, Generate sales leads, and Create product demand. ThoughtOffice PR Pro becomes your 'eXpert Assistant' - a wise mentor helping you create world-class publicity packages, or share & sell your concepts. Perhaps the most exciting facet of PR Pro is that it's not finished yet. In fact, it never will be. It's made so that you can provide your own ideas & answers, add your own focusing questions & your own lifetime of experience to the already vast knowledgebase. The collections of words, questions and images become more & more like your own brain. This is how software should work; it should learn from you and then reward you for what you've taught it. How do you use PR Pro by ThoughtOffice? First type a concept word or phrase, or go to straight to the expert questions, where our experts help you sharply define your situation. Next, use the integrated image / phrase IdeaBrowser to open the door to thousands of new ideas. All of your thoughts, words, & image associations are compiled in the integrated Q&A session for later reference. You can actually see your stream of thoughts on paper, in a simple but effective outline. ThoughtOffice is perfect for individuals or corporations that need to fix a problem right now, or create limitless dynamic solutions. System Configurations- Windows 2K/XP/Vista, & Mac OS X.

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