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Appeal Mailing List Manager (AppealSoft LLC) Price: $39.95
Our mailing list manager program, written in Perl for use on both UNIX and Windows servers, is designed to allow your visitors to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves from your mailing list.
Appeal Mailing List Manager Download Buy Full Version

HPA Family Guide to Hospice Care E-BOOK (Hospice Patients Alliance) Price: $9.95
A complete guide to hospice and end-of-life services, explaining the standards of care and how to get the very best services.
HPA Family Guide to Hospice Care E-BOOK Download Buy Full Version

WebSite Templates (Malloc Coding) Price: $24.95
Downloadable Web Page Templates to help you design a web page.
WebSite Templates Download Buy Full Version

The Complete Awesome Dates Package (101 Great Dates) Price: $19.97
101 Great First Dates 101 Great Romantic Dates 101 Great Cheap Dates 101 Great Free Dates. Bonuses: Top Ten Dating Turnoffs - and how to avoid them! (A $15 value, yours to keep free.
The Complete Awesome Dates Package Download Buy Full Version

101 Great First Dates eBook plus Bonuses (101 Great Dates) Price: $9.99
101 Great First Dates.
101 Great First Dates eBook plus Bonuses Download Buy Full Version

DP Vehicle Track (DP Software) Price: $15.95
The DP Vehicle Track applications is capable of keeping an expandable log of important information on any vehicle. Track gas consumption and mileage along with upgrades and modifications.
DP Vehicle Track Download Buy Full Version

Lecture Recorder 4.0 (XemiComputers Ltd.) Price: $19.9
This program allows you to record lectures and write summaries for them. To make a lecture summary the program provides several rich-text fields: course, subject, date, lecturer, digest and notes. There is also an option to print the summary.
Lecture Recorder Download Buy Full Version

Kidscape (Kid Labs) Price: $4.95
Bring out the creativity in your kids. Kidscape allows your kids to create beautiful 3D landscapes using a simple interface.
Kidscape Download Buy Full Version

Flashnet-Techno (eTaleem Inc) Price: $100
Flash Intro For...
Flashnet-Techno Download Buy Full Version

Resume Writing and Cover Letter Templates (LSOFT INC) Price: $30
Professional Resume Templates...
Resume Writing and Cover Letter Templates Download Buy Full Version

CoolCalc (RedSoft) Price: $12
Using CoolCalc is as easy as using your favorite Texas Instruments or Casio calculator. With CoolCalc you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, functions and operators (for example, 9*8/4 - (7 + 34.
CoolCalc Download Buy Full Version

Congenial Database (U-SoftGuide LLC) Price: $150
Congenial Database is a powerful tool for developing and driving dynamic content in your web sites. Interface with a flat-file, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database. Create forms, queries and reports to interact with your database.
Congenial Database Download Buy Full Version

U-Guide Web Forum (U-SoftGuide LLC) Price: $160
U-Guide Web Forum II is an elegant forum system for the World Wide Web. It creates a venue for discussion and interaction between visitors of a website.
U-Guide Web Forum Download Buy Full Version

Random Content Manager (U-SoftGuide LLC) Price: $35.99
U-SoftGuide's random content manager displays random text of any sort, and can be used for a variety of dynamic content ideas. Use it for random quotes, jokes, images, banner codes, satisfied customer quotes or any other such things.
Random Content Manager Download Buy Full Version

Mailing List (U-SoftGuide LLC) Price: $29.99
Mailing lists are one of the best ways to share information on the Internet, and an excellent way to stay in touch with your web site users, keeping them coming back to your site and even generating some advertising revenue.
Mailing List Download Buy Full Version

Form Mailer (U-SoftGuide LLC) Price: $20.99
This application allows you to enliven interactive forms on your site by having their contents e-mailed to you after being filled in by users.
Form Mailer Download Buy Full Version

Link Manager (U-SoftGuide LLC) Price: $25.99
U-SoftGuide's link manager allows you to manage your links pages, run a top sites program or create a free-for-all links page.
Link Manager Download Buy Full Version

WebCounter (U-SoftGuide LLC) Price: $15.99
This simple web counter application allows you to create a variety of web counters in a variety of styles. Counters can be used to track the number of hits on a large number pages across your site or on your site as a whole.
WebCounter Download Buy Full Version

KeySwap 2000 (Yamato Software) Price: $24.95
I think that everyone wants to work by the keyboard to which it is used. There are some tools for replacing a key. It seems that however, there is still no tool corresponding to Windows2000. Since it is very inconvenient, I make personally.
KeySwap 2000 Download Buy Full Version

AnyOrder Classic Advanced: Mail Order Business Kit (Ron Watters / Great Rift) Price: $89
AnyOrder is designed for small mail order businesses--or any business that needs to process orders whether received by phone, mail or email.
AnyOrder Classic Advanced: Mail Order Business Kit Download Buy Full Version

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