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Backup E-mail (White Cliff Computing Ltd) Price: $24.95
Book Backup is a brand new software tool that automatically backs up all of your important documents at regular intervals.
Backup E-mail Download Buy Full Version

Magic Subscriber (Universal Providers Group) Price: $17
Limited Time Offer: 100% Master Resell Rights! You keep all the profits. You own it and you can do as you wish.
Magic Subscriber Download Buy Full Version

The Magical Scarecrows Garden (Frugal Fiction LLC) Price: $3.99
Come meet us, ten Magical Scarecrows who have been breathed to life by Mother Earth in ten different countries. As scarecrows it is our job to look after fields and orchards so we know when not enough healthy foods are being eaten.
The Magical Scarecrows Garden Download Buy Full Version

Barcode-Now for SAP R/3 (Barcode-Now) Price: $499
Barcode-Now is a compact ABAP utility that installs a freely distributable barcode font into your SAP® R/3 system. Barcodes can be printed on any TrueType-compatible printer. There is no need for hardware printer fonts or software drivers.
Barcode-Now for SAP R/3 Download Buy Full Version

FlickrShop for Mac (PixelNovel) Price: $19.95
PixelNovel FlickrShop is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to upload images to Flickr photo sharing Web site directly from Adobe Photoshop.
FlickrShop for Mac Download Buy Full Version

eBook Profit Package (IT-Raid) Price: $29.95
eBook Profit Package now includes more then 200 carefully selected top quality info products. The eBook Profit Package itself, and all the products contained in it, come with Master Resell Rights.
eBook Profit Package Download Buy Full Version

Face LogOn Xpress (XID Technologies Pte Ltd) Price: $19
Face LogOn Xpress is aimed at anybody looking to log on to their personal account in a simple and convenient way. Face LogOn Xpress learns each time you enroll your face in different lighting conditions as an Expert System.
Face LogOn Xpress Download Buy Full Version

GPS Map of New Zealand (Travel by GPS) Price: $190
Garmin GPS compatible road and topo map for all New Zealand. Order now and download immediately. You will receive unlock code by email after purchasing.
GPS Map of New Zealand Download Buy Full Version

Voyager eBook (Peliguin) Price: $11.95
You are about to embark on the greatest journey of your life. To search for the mythical Golden Fleece takes great courage, persistence and determination. There are obstacles along the way that must be overcome if you are to obtain your reward.
Voyager eBook Download Buy Full Version

Bull the Frog (Rainy Day EBooks) Price: $3.99
Bull the Frog is enjoying the sunshine when he is joined by a pesky fly... Find out what happens to Bull and the fly in this fun and colorful ebook for children.
Bull the Frog Download Buy Full Version

Spyware IT (White Cliff Computing Ltd) Price: $27.95
No matter how spyware got onto your computer, if it's there – it's a problem. And you need to sort it out, before it becomes a liability. Spyware IT removes all the spyware, adware and malware from your PC for you.
Spyware IT Download Buy Full Version

The Citizen's Manifesto (Frugal Fiction LLC) Price: $3.99
We live in a democracy, but what does that really mean? Frank B. Trejo offers an insightful, educational explanation in The Citizen's Manifesto - What You Didn't Learn in School. With a touch of humor he brings us facts every American should understand.
The Citizen's Manifesto Download Buy Full Version

StampCalc (mn-software) Price: $7.5
Calculates the combination of available stamps to a specific amount.
StampCalc Download Buy Full Version

FlickrShop for Windows (PixelNovel) Price: $19.95
FlickrShop is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to upload images to Flickr photo sharing website directly from Adobe Photoshop.
FlickrShop for Windows Download Buy Full Version

Suez Canal Transit List (SeaBird) Price: $10
Daily Suez Canal Position list for All ships transiting the Suez Canal North Bound and South Bound Including the following for each (N.B) & (S.B) Now you can receive it into your Email Inbox every day Including the following for each (N.B) & (S.
Suez Canal Transit List Download Buy Full Version

PDF to Word Converter Plus (Iosof Inc) Price: $25
PDF to Word Converter Plus is a tool for converting pdf file to Microsoft Word format. You can convert pdf to doc or rtf formats with batch files conversion support. This software do not require Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word in the conversion process.
PDF to Word Converter Plus Download Buy Full Version

The Stress Myth (Science & Humanities Press) Price: $12.95
The Stress Myth--by Serge Doublet. Stress-The 'Epidemic' of the 20th Century Numerous claims have been made about the evils of stress. As a result, advice on how to cope with ‘the epidemic’ of the 20th century has abounded.
The Stress Myth Download Buy Full Version

NextSpeak Mandarin TTS (Well Develop International Limited) Price: $49.95
A Mandarin learning tool using Text-to-Speech technolog. It includes many versatile functions and a Mandarin synthesized female voice (NeoSpeech Lily) licensed from NeoSpeech.
NextSpeak Mandarin TTS Download Buy Full Version

Password-Studio Software (White Cliff Computing Ltd) Price: $16.95
Password-Studio Pro is the world's most powerful Office password recovery tool. It checks up to 140,000+ passwords every single second, over FOUR TIMES the speed of our more expensive competitors.
Password-Studio Software Download Buy Full Version

Photo-Saver Software (White Cliff Computing Ltd) Price: $16.95
Want to recover deleted photos? Accidentally formatted your memory card? Need to rescue files from a corrupt media card? Photo-Saver is GUARANTEED to recover deleted photos! Our best-selling photo recovery tool scans every single data bit on y...
Photo-Saver Software Download Buy Full Version

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